Get Ready for Working Naked Day Tomorrow!

(January 31, 2011) Tomorrow is the 2nd annual Working Naked Day…the day we celebrate our freedom to work from home on our own terms. While our corporate counterparts are cursing their morning commute, we’re enjoying a slow stroll to our home office down the hall.

The blog posts below should get you in the mood for Working Naked Day. They’ll also remind you of why there’s no better way to work, than from home.

Snow What?  You Can Still Work From Home
Winter storms are taking over the country but for those of us working naked, it’s still business as usual. For you home office virgins, here are a few tips to help you ease into the world of working naked, even if it’s for only a short amount of time.

A Coffee Shop Isn’t the Only Place to Work
I’ve noticed for the past few weeks that I spend less time in my home office and more time working on my back porch, at Starbuck’s (free Wi-Fi rocks!) and anywhere other than at my desk.  It turns out that I’m not alone.

You Don’t Have to Be Embarrassed to Work From Home
While I was traveling cross-country to work with a client on her home office, I spoke to the person sitting next to me. He told me about his business and I asked him whether he worked from home.

18 Rules for Working From Home
There aren’t any “official” rules for working from home, so I’ve decided to make up my own.

Home Office Freedom
I met with some friends who also work naked and we agreed that we’re all unemployable. There’s no way we could ever take orders from a boss. We’ll do almost anything for our clients, but for a boss, not so much.

The celebration officially begins tomorrow. I can barely wait!

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