The Naked Truth…It’s Working Naked Day

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(February 1, 2011) Happy 2nd annual Working Naked Day! Today is the perfect day for those of us who work from home to celebrate the freedom we have to set our own hours, follow our own rules and live a life that doesn’t include reporting to a corporate job each day.

As part of today’s celebration, you can strip down and work in your birthday suit, or stay in your pajamas. Although when you’re working from home you don’t need a holiday or permission to do that.

Need a few ideas for celebrating Working Naked Day?

  • Skype with a friend who is working in a cubicle all day while you’re working on your sofa, bed or in your home office. Let them know how comfy you are at home.
  • Blog, brag and tweet about the freedom you have to work from home. Who needs a commute when you can go to work in less than 10 seconds?
  • Take your laptop to the park, beach or a nearby coffee shop (especially if you’re surrounded by snow, not sun) and get inspired. Working somewhere other than in your home office can get your creative juices flowing.
  • Take advantage of your flexible schedule. Take the morning off and do something special like meet a friend for coffee, catch an early movie or work out later in the morning when the gym is less crowded.
  • Convince your boss to let you work from home. The company will save money on rent and you’ll save money on gas, wear and tear on your car and dry cleaning bills.

Consider taking today off to truly celebrate the choice you’ve made to leave the corporate world behind. And if you’re not already Working Naked, today’s the perfect day to strip away your inhibitions and start your own home-based business.  That’s the naked truth.

How are you going to celebrate Working Naked Day?


  1. Michael Pizakowitz says:

    I’m finally going to take a few hours off today. Working Naked Day seems like the perfect excuse

  2. Sammy Kingston says:

    It’s supposed to snow all day so maybe I’ll work for awhile and take the rest of the day off.

  3. Gloria Isenberg says:

    I am absolutely going to celebrate today! I have a home-based interior design business and have followed your blog since last summer.

  4. It is so cold here….a perfect day to take some time off. Just love the idea of a “working naked day”. Thanks:)

  5. robert stanbaugh says:

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. I am a manufacturer’s rep working out of my house. Remember to shut the blinds when you are working at home. I DO…

  6. I am so mad to be back in an office for this! Perhaps once Snowmaggedon gets underway, I’ll take tomorrow off to celebrate.


  7. It’s pretty cold out so I had to wear socks today! 🙂

  8. Everyday of the week is work naked day for us. Back in 2007, Network World did a story about naked telecommuting at our resort: Of course we live in sunny Palm Springs, California where we are in the 70’sF today going up to the low 80’s F by the weekend and and we own a famous clothing optional resort, Terra Cotta Inn.

    Lisa, Congrats on your book and ideas. You are a very creative person.

    If you are ever interested in some mutual PR, I would love talking with you. Last year we were on CNN, WGN, MSNBC, and more. So we are no PR slouches ourselves. We also were just picked as the Best small resort in the whole Palm Springs area by Palm Springs Life Magazine. I think we could benefit each other.

    You can call me or e-mail me if you like. If not, good luck to you. I love your ideas.

    • Thanks, Tom. I love the idea of being anywhere other than in a city that’s 12 degrees and has ice-covered streets! Let’s talk soon.

      • Hi Lisa,
        I used to live in Chicago. I like 80’s in Palm Springs, CA much more than 10 feet of snow in Chicago 🙂
        Great, happy to talk with you. My toll free number is 800-786-6938. We answer phones from 8am-10pm PST.


  9. I love this concept. Will be joining in the fun with all of you others. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Cindy Murphy recently posted..Expert Interview – Meet Nola Cooper, Graphic Designer and MoreMy Profile

  10. I work naked at home all the time! When I’m home.
    “Live Nude and Prosper” is my motto!


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