Finding the Right Time to Work When You’re Working From Home

When you work from home, your family’s schedule or your clients’ time zone may affect when you work, but other than that, you can set your own hours.

Lately, though, I’ve talked with some home-based business owners who think that if they’re not working 9-5, the way they did in their corporate job, they’re probably not as productive as they should be. They say that they’re working late at night, as early at 5 a.m. or whenever they can “get into the flow.”

Last week I asked a few business owners about their work schedules. They told me that their traditional and not-so-traditional work hours work for them for a few reasons.

“I work from home and try to keep hours that balance my own peak productivity with the needs of my clients. I tend to be most productive late morning and then around 5-6pm.”
—Maris Callahan, Freelance publicist and writer 

“If the house is quiet I whiz through email and office admin tasks before 9:00 a.m. My daytime hours are more about creativity, or socializing. In the very late evening I’m most productive with problem solving.”
—Loralee Hutton, Entrepreneur, travel writer and QuickBooks coach

“I am a late night owl (plus insomniac!) and definitely not a morning person. I created my work hours for 11am-7pm, so this definitely fits my lifestyle. I appreciate the freedom of staying up late, “sleeping in” and creating the flexibility of generating hours that I will be the most productive.”
—Sarah Woodruff, True North Ventures VA

“For me, the most productive hours are very early in the morning – 5am until about 9am. During this time, my mind is very fresh and I can typically work uninterrupted. Often, I can look back at the day and realize that over 70% of my tangible output for the day came from those early morning hours.”
—Lori Sullivan, Fingerprints Marketing

“I base my hours around my baby’s sleeping hours and it has in turn resulted in me being extra productive during those work hours (limited amount of time available, pressure to get things done).”
—Peep Laja, Traindom

“Being a night person and preferring sunsets to sunrises, I am most productive after 11 a.m. I often begin work early afternoon and write well into the night. However, the best thing about working from home is that I have the option of adjusting my work hours to accommodate family and friends.”
—Linda M. Farley, Farley Training

Is one schedule better than another? Not necessarily. But working from home on your own schedule will always be a better option than going to a corporate job every day.

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