5 Organizing Myths Keeping You From Getting Organized

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For years, I’ve worked with clients who’ve tried everything to organize their home offices, but then have finally given up. Either they didn’t know where to start or were overwhelmed by the process. They also started to believe the negative comments their family and friends were telling them about getting organized.

If you’ve tried to organize your home office and have given up, or have started to believe what others have told you for years about getting organized, it’s time to change your thinking. When you stop believing old organizing myths, you can move forward and get your home office organized.

Myth #1 You have to be born organized to be organized

We learn both good and bad habits at an early age and you can change any bad habit, including disorganization. When I was in the corporate world, co-workers who had organized offices told me that their homes were a mess. They focused more on their workspace because that’s where they generated their income. By the time they came home from work every day, they were too exhausted to organize anything. The bottom line is that you can learn to be organized, and it’s easier if you’re motivated to make a few changes.

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  1. Hi Lisa…Happy New Year cos this is the first time that I am visiting your site this year. I have a lot of organizing to do but for some reason, I will not take any of your advise for now :D. It is obvious why I will not be doing that….I FEEL LAZY after taking the vacation.

    I will get back to you if I get the stuff organized. Keep up Lisa
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  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing these myths. I totally agree that everyone has their own way of staying organized and what may work for one person may not work for the next person.

    I find that it takes some time to find what works and each day may bring new ways to get organized. Have an ongoing list can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when those things on the list don’t get accomplished.

    I especially related to your #2 myth. Thanks a log for sharing.


  3. Lisa, I looked at the language in the myths and knew that they could not possibly be true. I am fortunate in that I am fairly organized both in work and habit. And I regularly make time to clear out the crap. But I know how much time gets lost or wasted through clutter. Will definitely share the article though
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    • I can tell that you’re organized because you don’t think that some of the myths are true. 🙂 If you ask someone who struggles with organization, you’ll get a different view. When I owned my organizing business, organized people couldn’t believe that others would pay to get organizing help, while disorganized people could relate. You have a good habit of clearing out regularly. It makes getting and staying organized much easier.
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  4. I used to be one of those corporate people… my desk was immaculate, except for the neatly stack piles. I knew where everything was. At home, I knew where everything was — it was my organized mess. This week I began to put my office back together after the holidays, hubby moving home… I wrote a blog post on this subject myself a few days ago. Bottom line, it feels great to get “clean” again.

  5. Many years ago, I ended up hiring a friend that started a business helping small business owners organize their home offices and I was her 3rd client. It was wonderful. But she went thru the process with me of why she did what she did and how she processed items to put an office in a more organized manner. It starts with how you work in your office – never thought about that.

    I think being organized can be understood differently as not all of us are wired the same, lol. Putting pressure on yourself only make things worse. And getting help is not saying you are defeated… if anything, you are taking action to resolve an issue if you feel you are unorganized. Thank you Lisa for sharing these tips!
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  6. Wow! Your points were eye-opening, Lisa! I’m a naturally organized person, but I often have a difficult time staying organized because I have such high expectations for myself. Your third point on not equating organization and perfectionism means a lot to me. It reminds me that organization is another area of life in which I need to find better balance!
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