What’s On Your Home Office Desk?

No matter how you interpret what Working Naked means, it doesn’t mean that your desk has to be bare. The picture below inspired me to find out what other people have on their desks that have nothing to do with work. A desk that’s all work and no play, can make any home office desk dull.

lock dog stapler clock

source: Tom Newby Photography

“On my desk is an 18″ tall Suzuki Harmonica Bluesman. Every time I sign a contract for a speaking engagement, sell a book or CD, or otherwise make money, I push the button and let the blues man dance and blow his harmonica for a minute or two. It’s basically my end-zone dance for a successful day in the office!”
Steve Gamlin

“Iced tea in a canning jar with a glass straw! Seriously!”
Cheryl Newcomb

“I have a 1-ft tall skeleton that holds an Italian Flag and wears badges from dance conferences I’ve attended. This was a study aid when I was in Exercise Science classes and it still has some clay “muscles” I had to make for a practical exam.”
Mahin Sciacca

“I have a pen holder on my desk that my wife gave me on Valentine’s day.”
Gaurav Sharma

“I keep at least one harmonica on my desk. Hohner Special 20, key of G if it matters. I find it relaxing to play some music and it works a different part of my brain.”
Chris Rovin


Other things on other desks:

“As a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, one of my prized home-office items is a past Christmas gift: Fenway Park infield dirt! It sits right on my desk in a small trophy case! In the cold winter, it’s a reminder that spring will come!”
John Goodman

“On my desk is a paper ornament with a photo of a rescued moon bear living at the Animals Asia moon bear sanctuary. Seeing that bear (who looks like he’s smiling!) always brightens my spirits.”
Melissa Dinwiddie

“I keep a little token given to me by friend and fellow publicist Megan Lane of a white little Asian cat that means luck and wealth on my desk. She brings me all sorts of wealth in my inbox- ha! This was a gift from a recent trip overseas and reminds me how lucky I have to work with such great and giving people.”
Stephanie Krol

“My cat! Seems that the busier I am, the more the cat wants to strut around on my desk and keyboard! She could care less about being sociable when I’m ready to take a break though.”
Jim Smith

“Something I’ve always had on my desk is a large (unfortunately fake) diamond. I occasionally use it as a paper weight, but it’s mostly just my ‘fidget toy’. When I’m on the phone or re-reading an important email it’s nice to flip through my hands to keep me focused.”
Josh Weaver

“When I was first married at 33 years old, on my wedding day my father gave me the last piece of my baby blanket that I carried around. He had it put into acrylic with an engraved plate, “Gail’s Meow.” To this day I can still remember crying when he told me that there was nothing left after its last washing. It’s the most important thing on my desk.”
Gail Mayhugh

On my desk are … barf bags. Yes, really.
Steve Silberberg

“I love to have a container of newly sprouting seeds on my desk. Each morning, I am excited to see how much they have grown overnight. As they grow I switch them out to a fresh batch to care for.”
Krayl Funch

What’s on your home office desk?


  1. Hi Lisa,

    thanks for sharing that, love it because it’s a very personal what people have on their home office desks. Although I am building my business from home, I cherish a beautiful photo of my wonderful family. It reminds me all the time of my why, why I am doing what I am doing.

    Be blessed

    Oliver Tausend recently posted..Emotional Independence First, Financial Independence SecondMy Profile

  2. What a great motivator! We get so busy throughout the day and throughout our lives, that sometimes we forget why we work so many hours. Excellent idea!
    Lisa recently posted..What’s On Your Home Office Desk?My Profile

  3. Lots of cute stuff. My desk barely holds my computer but have lots of cool things around the apartment
    Roberta Budvietas recently posted..Your Contacts affect Your 21st Century Business SuccessMy Profile

  4. Whether the cool stuff is in your home office or throughout your apartment, so long as it makes you happy, it doesn’t matter where it is. 🙂
    Lisa recently posted..What’s On Your Home Office Desk?My Profile

  5. I like a really clear desk. The only things on it are the phone, computer and any relevant papers to that days work. I guess I am a bit of a minimalist at heart. Don’t like clutter at all.
    Ali Davies recently posted..A Letter to MediocrityMy Profile

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