How to Jog Your Memory

Some people think I’m extra organized because I always enter notes in my iPhone. The truth is that I have the world’s worst memory. I can remember faces, not names, and directions, not addresses.

Over the years, I’ve taken a few steps to try to improve my memory or at least fake that I have a better memory than I do. By using the simple strategies below, I’m able to finish projects on time, avoid annoying friends and clients, and remember important dates.

Consider these four steps tips for improving your memory.

Add an attachment to your e-mail before you write your message.

Have you had to send a follow-up e-mail after you’re forgotten to include an attachment? I have. By adding the attachment before I write the message, I don’t have to send the follow-up message. The best part is that my friends and clients have stopped sending me e-mails — some of them in an annoying tone — asking about attachments I was supposed to include.

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  1. Those are good tips Lisa. It is getting harder these days to remember everything. I use my computer a lot to remind me of birthdays and other important dates. But I also have kept a spiral notebook for all my business transactions. It keeps me organized and I know which projects I need to finish.
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    • Your comment reminds me that everyone has different ways of working and organizing. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. You’ve definitely found good ways to get organized.

      I rely on my iPhone (aka my brain!) to remind me of everything I need to do. I’ve given up trying to remember everything. 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..How to Prepare Your Home Office for a Natural DisasterMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the memory tips. My memory seems to have grown worse over the years since university so it is good to have some winning strategies to try and boost brain power. I find that getting active is a good way of keeping the old brain ticking over and I always try to either go for a run or a jog before work. Healthy eating also seems to make a difference but i think keeping your brain active is the way forward for most people.
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