All Dressed Up: A Room With a View

source: Linda Cotter

A home office in a spare bedroom, closet or basement can help you be productive, especially if it’s organized, but it may not spark ideas or motivate you to work. A home office with a view, though, can inspire you to accomplish more than you thought you could.

Linda Cotter, founder of Delightful Purpose, works with clients to help them discover their purpose and passion again. Not only does she have a gorgeous view from her home office, she puts her view to work.

As she was sitting on her sofa one weekend working on her tele-course, “3 Days, 6 Ways to Get Your Spark Back,” her sliding doors inspired her. Linda looked out the doors and thought, “3 days (three doors) and 6 ways (cut them in half).” Then she grabbed window crayons and wrote an outline on the doors. If you look closely through the drapery, you can see several rows of notes.

Linda said that writing on her doors was liberating and opened up her thought process. So if you don’t have a view from your home office, consider working from another part of your home one or two days a week and don’t forget the window crayons.



  1. I absolutely agree. When we moved I took over a portion of our living room for my office which worked surprisingly well. Now that a spare room is becoming available I find myself balking at moving into a tiny space with a window I have to stand up to see out of. I’ve opted to stay in the living room and just use the spare room if I want to work on weekends or evenings when my family would like to use the living room.

    And I love this idea of window crayons! I’ll be running out to buy some this weekend.

    • That’s a better use for your living room than leaving it empty all day. Although I have a home office in a separate room, I tend to work in my living room too. The lighting and view are better. There’s something about working in an open space that’s inspiring.
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  2. This reminds me how I got into trouble as a youngster. I wrote on the storm doors (having walked through one of them the day after they were installed, I needed a reminder that there was glass there) and on the TV screen (when my parents took away my Winky Dink sheets (plastic that went on the TV screen and then you colored the black and white picture)…
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  3. It could … or it could be distracting. Whenever I look out the window, I yearn to be on the other side of it. Well, not during storms, of course.
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    • I understand. Last year when I spoke in Boston, my hotel room overlooked the beautiful harbor. I had a hard time sitting at the desk in the room without getting distracted. My home office view isn’t as great so I’m able to work without getting distracted.
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  4. Oooh, incredible work space! I could really get my ‘creative’ on in a place like that! Thanks for sharing.

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