Your Home Office Isn’t the Only Place to Work

Some people I know avoid working in their home office for different reasons. Their office may be a wreck, the lighting is awful or they feel isolated. Whatever the case, they’re working from home, but not in their home office.

I love my home office. It’s comfortable, stylish, and of course, functional. Normally I enjoy sitting down at my large, L-shape desk, but last week everything changed.

I was burned out, sick of my home office and desperately needed a change of scenery. It was time to work somewhere else.

So throughout the week I worked on my front porch, in my family room, and at my dining room table. Most of my work didn’t involve paper so it was easy to move from room to room and outside without worrying about losing anything.

This goes against the advice I’ve given for years: work in one place to make it easier to keep track of paper and other information. But after spending a week away from my home office and realizing it wasn’t affecting my productivity, I’ve changed my mind. There’s nothing wrong with working somewhere other than in your home office every now and then.

This week I’m back to working in my home office but I may shake things up later on in the week and ditch my desk for my deck.

When you don’t work in your home office, where do you work?


  1. Lisa, this post couldn’t be more timely. I am heading to my local coffee shop today to work. I’m a big believer in switching it up. My office is definitely home base but I find that by getting a change of scenery sometimes gets the creative juices flowing and helps me be more productive. Sometimes it’s my dining room table, or even my recliner. If I’m not feeling well, I’ve been known to work from my bed. Today I decided to venture out. The beauty of working from home is that you can work whenever and wherever you choose. Love having options 🙂

    • I agree with you. I can’t imagine having to work in the same corporate office every day. Working somewhere other than in your home office definitely sparks creativity. A few friends of mine work from recliners. They’re just as productive as other friends who have to work at a desk all day.
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