Are You Working From Home or Playing Hooky?

Dear Kate Spade,

I am a huge fan of the must-have purses, stunning shoes and gorgeous clothing within all your collections. Actually, I own one of your purses (a real one, not a knock-off), but to be honest, I didn’t buy it. My sister bought it last year and decided she wanted something bigger so she gave her gorgeous purse to me. I love it, so technically that makes me a loyal customer, right?

While I was at one of my favorite stores, I saw your new iPad sleeve. It’s the one that reads, “Working From Home #playhooky.” My work-from-home radar is always on so I wasn’t surprised I saw it, even though it was on a high shelf.

Here’s the problem: I think I’m missing something. I run two businesses from home but I haven’t figured out how to work from home, play hooky and still make money.

So, Kate, I’m writing to ask for your help. Please send me your work-from-home-play-hooky plan at your earliest convenience.  A few friends of mine who also work from home would be grateful to learn your plan, too. In fact, we’re going to start a mastermind group based on your groundbreaking concept. We’re calling it the “Home Office Hooky Club.” I’m hosting the first meeting but I’m not sure what to serve. I get most of my recipes from Pinterest so I’m going to search under “hooky food.”

You are a role model for female business owners around the world and I would be honored to have access to your plan. Also, if it’s not too much of a bother, please let me know what I’m supposed to wear while I play hooky. If, by chance, it’s something from your line, feel free to send it. I’m concerned that during my first few months of playing hooky while working from home, I may be a little short on funds to buy new clothes. As annoying as it is, my clients don’t pay me if I don’t do any work for them.

I hope to hear from you soon. This whole working from home thing is exhausting.

Lisa Kanarek

P.S. It just occurred to me that maybe the hash tag is a typo and you meant Hockey. If so, please disregard my letter.


  1. I love this post! You have a great sense of humor! I run a fashion blog & store but just started a domaining/blogging site as well. I like how you combine your design knowledge and business advice in one site…fabulous! And your domain name rocks!

    All The Best,
    Cara Mia
    Cara Mia recently posted..10 Ways to become a successful Rockstar Entrepreneur!My Profile

  2. Haha, this is hysterical. Thank you! I’ve thought the exact same thing when I’ve seen this bag, but you put it together so brilliantly 🙂
    Natalie (@fashionatalie) recently posted..Weekend WearMy Profile

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