5 Tips For Taking the Stress Out of Traveling

During the past few weeks I’ve been traveling for business and for pleasure. While I was flying home last week, I realized that not everyone flies often and some people haven’t flown in years.

They’re the passengers who argue with the TSA agent about bringing a bottle of water through security. One woman tried to flirt with one of the agents and convince him to let her bring her bottle through. It didn’t work.

Another guy tried to explain that he couldn’t get his cowboy boots off easily so he should be able to go through the scanner with his boots on. Although we were in Texas, the rules about boots still applied.

While I was trying to be patient — I’m not one of those people who go in front of someone while they’re trying to take off their shoes — I wished I had printed a list of the tips below to hand out to everyone.

1. Bring a current ID. While I was showing my ID to the TSA agent, the guy at the next stand was getting out of control. He didn’t understand why they wouldn’t accept his expired driver’s license. It’s one thing to remember your license and another to make sure you’ve renewed it.

2.  Make sure the name on your ticket matches the name on your ID. Last year I didn’t realize until I was already at the ticket counter that the name on my ticket didn’t match my driver’s license. My client had booked the flight for me and confirmed the itinerary with me, but I forgot to mention that Lisa is my nickname, not my legal name. After providing everything but a blood sample, security let me board the plane.

3. Store your liquids in a clear bag and keep the bag within reach. As I was taking my laptop out of my bag and pulling out my bag of liquids, I looked over and saw a woman taking everything out of her suitcase. She couldn’t find her shampoo, perfume and mouthwash bottles. I couldn’t believe how much stuff she had packed and how casual she was about what she was unpacking. When you see a stranger’s undies, I think you need to buy them dinner or at least a drink!

4. Wear the right shoes. Boots with long zippers and adorable sandals aren’t ideal for flying. You’ll look fabulous while you travel but you’ll curse your shoes while everyone behind you in line waits for you to take them off. A better option is to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. It’s even better if you remember to take them off. Trust me, when the gate agent points at your shoes and shakes her head, you’ll remember to take them off.

5. Remember where you park your car. Normally I use The Parking Spot so I can avoid paying more than $20 a day to park. When I was on the bus from the airport to The Parking Spot after another trip, I found two tickets that listed my parking space. I didn’t know which ticket was from a prior trip and which was from the current trip. After walking through half of the parking lot looking for my car, I won’t be making that mistake again.

Before your next trip, take a close look at these tips. Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful.



  1. Your travel experience and tips are greatly appreciated Lisa. I notice I learn more about how to enjoy the experience of traveling after each trip but these tips always come in handy. I now pack lighter and wear comfort over fashion.
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