10 Ways to Improve Your Home Office With Feng Shui

Guest post by Amy Wettig

source: amywettig.com

Let’s talk about what your home office is all about according to Feng Shui.

Your office represents your career goals and your potential for success. A well-organized office can lead to increased productivity, while office clutter can muddy your goals or cause obstacles that may block your success.

Office clutter represents confusion about money matters. It can also signify obstacles that may be causing difficulties with clients, coworkers, and colleagues.

Consider these Feng Shui tips for your home office:

1. Put your desk in the command position. Position your desk so that you can see the door easily when seated. You do not want your back to the door. If you cannot position your desk so that you can see the entrance to your office while seated, hang a mirror on the wall so that it reflects the doorway.

2. Clean out your file cabinets regularly. If you let old business papers fill your file cabinets, you may prevent new business from coming your way. Remove paperwork that’s no longer current. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 1/3 of your file cabinets empty to indicate that you are ready to receive new business.

3. Use wooden furniture to encourage expansion. In the Chinese elemental system, wood is linked with growth. If you use wooden furniture, your business or finances should increase.

4. Fix or replace damaged office equipment. Broken furniture symbolizes broken deals or promises, damaged relationships with customers or suppliers, and other problems. These are the exact kinds of things you do not want. Repair these things promptly to keep your business running smoothly.

5. Use a black phone to encourage prosperous communication with colleagues and customers. Black is associated with wealth in China and it is a water color which emphasizes qualities such as flexibility and cooperation. Using a black phone can help stimulate business and prosperity, especially if your work involves a lot of phone contact.

6. Use white in your decorating scheme to promote stability & structure.

7. Paint your office door red or green. Red is the Chinese color of luck. Green is the color of money and can increase prosperity. In some countries, it’s believed that you can attract money to you by painting your door green.

8. Consider options other than paint. If you can’t paint the door, tie a red ribbon around your office doorknob to help attract good luck to you and your business.

9. Rearrange your office furniture periodically. This will encourage new business and stimulate new opportunities in your work life. Once a year may be often enough unless you find yourself getting into a rut. By changing your interior, you’ll change things in the outer world too.

10. Add live plants to your home office. Plants symbolize growth and life. In some countries, their green foliage represents the color of money. Place one or more healthy plants in your office to encourage the growth and prosperity of your business.

Amy Wettig is a Feng Shui expert who likes to combine the art of Feng Shui with coaching to help her clients move forward with their lives. She helps people clear the air in their homes and in their heads so they can lead the life they were meant to lead.


  1. When we moved our offices a while ago, someone tried to “feng shui” my office. But, we both decided that my habits – and needs to respond to client expectations- meant that I had optimized my workspace effectively.
    Yes, my furniture was wood – light chestnut to reflect whatever light was available- and my “desk” faced the door- but my work desk (which was on the other side of me) was where I faced most often. It let me see out the window, let me have two monitors (this was a decade or so ago), and let me concentrate on the item at hand and not the folks parading up and down the hall. I used the other desk when visitors were coming or for my two 60 minute sessions a day (open door) when anyone could come in and discuss anything.
    Since my favorite color was black- all our phones were so endowed.
    And, the only piece of broken office equipment was our original fax machine- which was, by then, 20 years old, and one of the very first ever. It was kept right next to our first Osborne Computer and NEC printer, to remind folks of our first foray onto the land of the Commonwealth of Virginia…(The computer layed on the first desk our company purchased some two decades prior, in Ann Arbor.)
    Just showing that one does not have to be a slave to “feng shui” to garner the benefits thereof.
    RAAckerman @ Cerebrations.biz recently posted..Life Cycle…My Profile

    • Sometimes people get caught up in trends and make changes that won’t help them succeed or move forward. I’d say you’re an accidental feng shui follower. 🙂 You were instinctively doing things to promote productivity and prosperity without even trying. Good job! As for the fax machine, I was glad to let mine go years ago.
      Lisa recently posted..10 Ways to Improve Your Home Office With Feng ShuiMy Profile

  2. I have to admit I dislike having my back to the door but in my case I have it half to the door because of room. I LOVE the idea of a mirror to reflect the doorway though. Brilliant.

    I’m so glad that you gave the ribbon idea as well. When you are renting an office or are part of a building you cannot always paint a door, or may not want to. The ribbon is a lovely idea and could be incorporated into a wreath in all seasons.

    I had no idea about the black phone! My phone is black but has a colorful case. I wonder what pink works with?

    This was an interesting and fun post, as well as giving me some wonderful ideas to work with.
    Thanks! 🙂
    Bonnie recently posted..Ack! The Holidays Are Here And I’m Still in the Tub!My Profile

  3. Found number one really interesting. ust moved my home office to a different room. The old room had my back to the door but the new room has my desk facing the door. I now it sounds strange but everything “feels” so much easier and natural and I have found I am mroe productive and focussed. HAdn’t heard about not sitting with back to door before. Very interesting.
    Ali Davies recently posted..The Key To A Fulfilling Life AND A Thriving BusinessMy Profile

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