2012 Working Naked Home Office Gift Guide

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the home office professional in your life? Think outside the home office box with these five gift ideas.

All washed up

Think about the last time you thought of a great idea while you were in the shower. Your choices were to write your idea on the wall with shaving cream, wait until you dried off to write it down, or give up and assume you’ll remember your brainstorm later. There’s a better option: Aquanotes. This waterproof pad (you can write under water) attaches to your shower wall and is ready to capture your next idea. Some ideas are all washed up, but yours don’t have to be.




A working desk

You want to work out, but you need to work on a proposal. Why not do both at the same time? The TrekDesk combines a desk with a treadmill. This hard-working desk includes a holder for books or magazines, making it easier to walk and work at the same time. There’s also a stand for your phone, 3 stacking trays, and 2 cup/utility holders. One of the best parts of this 72” x 34” desk is that it folds up for easy storage. With a desk as industrial-looking as this, you’ll need to make a choice between looks and function. When you work for yourself, function usually wins.




A sweet sound

Turn up the volume and let your favorite tunes fill your home office with the Big Blue™ Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker that works with any Smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device, may be small, but it has a big sound. You can hear it up to 33 feet. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing the happy dance. Why not? No one’s watching.


Anger management

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Instead of punching the wall or kicking the door, slam the Dammit doll anywhere you want. This stuffed doll, with unruly yarn hair, will make you feel better. Best of all, you’ll save money by not having to patch your wall.






See the light

What do you get for the home office professional who has everything? Break away from buying another mug or picking up a picture frame and consider giving a custom lamp instead…a Lamp-in-Box, to be exact. Not only will your friend, family member, or even favorite client enjoy a one-of-a kind gift designed by you, you’ll be happy knowing no one else bought the same gift. Sort of sheds a new light on originality.

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