Working Naked Workout Tips

When you’re working for yourself and handling everything on your own, squeezing in a workout can be nearly impossible. Before you completely dump the idea of fitting a workout into your day, consider more tips from others who are working from home.

“For the greatest energy and focus, take a break from your desk every 90-120 minutes. Use the time to take a brisk 10-minute walk, do a few crunches and push-ups, or stretching exercises. You will return refreshed and rejuvenated.”
— Ellen G. Goldman, M.Ed., Cert. Wellness Coach

“Work out first thing in the morning. It motivates me to get up and get moving. Doing so sets me up for a better mood throughout the day and it’s already done and out of the way. One thing immediately knocked off the daily to-do list!”
—Melinda Massie, Melinda Massie Events and Consulting

“My problem has always been finding the time to work out as the days seem to fly by. My solution has been to buy a 1-hour kitchen timer. I set it for the amount of time I need for the task at hand and then when it rings, it’s enough to interrupt me from what I was concentrating on. I then set it for 10 minutes and do a short stretch or weight workout.”
—Jeffrey Strain,

“Be realistic about the amount of time you have to devote to training and schedule realistic workouts that take only that amount of time. Avoid setting yourself up for failure with grandiose plans of multiple hour workout sessions, 7-day-a-week training and other plans that don’t fit your workload or schedule.”
—Charla McMillian, Fitness Expert

How do you work out when you’re working from home?

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