Stuff Happens When You Work From Home

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A friend of mine I’ve known since grade school likes to say that “life is messy.” She’s right.

I like to say that home office life is messy, because it is. But it’s a life that few of us want to give up, because dealing with the messes outweighs the alternative: working in a corporate office.

Consider whether you’ve ever had one of those days when:

  • The dog gets sick. This time on the product samples you need to send to a client.
  • Your in-laws decide to visit you the same week your biggest project of the year is due.
  • Your child is home from school and in a lame attempt to entertain him, you show him how cool your new shredder is. Everything’s fine until you realize you’ve accidentally mixed up your “throw away” pile with your “extremely important” pile of paper.
  • You’re wearing a suit (finally) and as you’re ready to leave your car, it starts raining. That’s when you remember you never replaced your broken umbrella.
  • Your printer runs out of ink when you need to print a proposal and you’re already running late.
  • Your smartphone quits working the week after the warranty runs out.
  • Your favorite client is laid off and now you have to deal with his boss who’s a jerk. It’s hard to take him seriously considering everything your client has told you about him, including what happened at the last company Christmas party.
  • You lose your Internet connection right before a videoconference call you’ve had to reschedule three times.
  • Your car is on empty, your meeting is across town, and you don’t have any time to spare.

Working from home has its challenges and every day isn’t going to go as planned, but that’s true in a corporate office too. The difference is that when you work alone, you’re the one on clean-up duty.

So the next time anything listed above (or anything similar) happens to you, try not to get discouraged. Instead of working from the comfort of your home office, you could be stuck in traffic, cornered by a co-worker describing his latest surgery, or leading a boring corporate life.



  1. All those things happen when you are in a corporate office, too! But, the difference is that they have an IT department or staff to help you get things fixed. You need the same assets for your home business!
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted..Mickey…My Profile

  2. Another “Thank-goodness-I-work-at-home” reason? DYSMENORRHEA… ‘Nuff said. Haha
    Cham Cuartero recently posted..Grow With FocusMy Profile

  3. Actually, just last week, a new update to GoToMeeting prevented me from attending a very important teleconference with a client. I work from home once a week and the previous day I hadn’t realized that there was a new update of GoToMeeting being used by our company. The next time anyone tried to log into GoToMeeting it would try to install the new update.

    Since none of us actually have Administrative privileges on our computers, due to corporate policy, anyone who was not actually at the office couldn’t get the update installed quickly. I didn’t know this until I tried to log into the GoToMeeting about 5 minutes prior to the meeting.

    Needless to say, I wasn’t the only employee who was stuck!
    Bob Bessette recently posted..Watch your Back with a Rear View Cubicle MirrorMy Profile

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