All Dressed Up: A Small, Yet Spacious Home Office

small home office design ideas

Do you know how some women can wear a paper bag and look gorgeous? My friend, Allen Hart, who is also an interior designer, can make any simple space look fabulous.

He recently moved and transformed a small home into a showcase. My favorite part of his home is, of course, his home office.

His design revolves around a huge, colorful, contemporary print above his desk.  He has a completely paperless home office and stores everything electronically. That means he didn’t have to find room for a file cabinet. He found a creative place to store his all-in-one machine: under a sofa table.

home office printer storage idea

The layout of Allen’s home office makes it easy to convert the space into a cozy conference room. When he has a client meeting, he pulls a table from the window to the center of the room, and then moves the chairs in front of and next to his desk to the table.

Each time Allen moves, he creates an even better, inspirational space. This one definitely is my favorite.


  1. Hi,
    I love the fact that his home office is completely electronic. What a great way to save space!

    Bob Bessette recently posted..Step up Your Cubicle Decor with Cool Office Lighting IdeasMy Profile

  2. I think you should put some colors in the room so that the girly ambiance will be more lively. Thank you for sharing this one.

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