Bare Essentials: Controlling Cord Clutter

No matter how much technology advances, there’s no way to get away from cords. Power is everything, right?  So when a box of whimsical cable cord organizers was delivered to my home office, I couldn’t wait to try them. After all, I’m open-minded about using anything that can make pasta-like piles of cords less annoying. I was going to include only one of the organizers, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.

Animal clips

Go wild!

Think about the last time you were surrounded by power cords snaking around your desk. You may have tried to tuck them behind your monitor, but that was only a temporary solution. You don’t have to be an animal lover to appreciate these helpful Animal Clips. Whether you attach a lion to your laptop or a dog to your desk, these adorable animals are ready to bite your small cords and keep them out of the way.




core cord cable organizer

Organizing to the core

Untangling headphone cords or cell phone charger cords is a waste of time as well as incredibly annoying. The Core offers the perfect solution: wrap the cord around the middle, and then tuck the end into the channel on either end. It’s small enough to throw into your purse or laptop case. Maybe the person who designed this product was sewing a button on a shirt and thought, “Spool of thread…tangled headphones…organizing solution!” Maybe that’s not how this product was invented, but you never know.





Storage in a shellnew cable turtle cord organizer

Not all products are well-designed and functional, but the Cable Turtle is both. This donut-looking cord organizer is easy to use. You simply turn it inside out, wrap the cord around the center, and then snap it closed. It comes in different colors and is even part of the Museum of Modern Art’s Design collection. Impressive.




Kermit’s cousin


How many frogs have you seen that are actually helpful? Aside from Kermit who can teach your kids the alphabet, no frog is as helpful as the Cababo Frog. This wide-eyed critter holds your excess cables inside his body. After you wind your cable around the cable winder, tuck the extra cable inside, your frog is ready to go.


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