Boost Your Business With E-Booklets

making money with e-bookletsLet’s say you’re an expert on SEO or public relations. Why not write a downloadable or electronically delivered tips e-booklet about it and make some dough along with it?

Long before any of us figured out what an easy and practical way e-booklets are to make money, Paulette Ensign, the Booklet Queen, was writing, selling and profiting from book sales. She’s sold well over a million copies of a tips booklet called “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life.”

Ensign’s reasoning is simple: Everyone has something they want the world to know about. You can write a full-length e-book, but who has the time? Instead write one or a series of e-booklets that you can eventually turn into an e-book. That makes sense and eventually cents. Ensign offers 15 questions to instantly help you write a downloadable tips e-booklet.

1. What is the single most compelling subject from your experience or knowledge that you want the world to know about? If there are several topics, consider which one you are most passionate about.

2. Can you identify the single most outstanding thing you want people to know? Think about whether it is a new skill, perspective, attitude, or expansion of general knowledge.

3. Why do you want to write an e-booklet? It may be an altruistic gesture to spread the word about something. It might be a marketing tool for a business or a book you have or want to have. The e-booklet can be a profit center for you. It could also be both a marketing tool and a profit center.

4. How would you divide your subject into segments? Look at the possibility of those segments becoming additional e-booklets to develop into a series, or as mini-chapters of one e-booklet.

5. What are you often surprised by that people do not know about your subject area? There could be something that seems so “common sense” to you, while being highly helpful or enlightening to others.

6. Does your information need to be presented sequentially or can it be random? Notice if specific entries stand alone or if they need whatever came before to cause the entry to make sense to the reader.

7. What do you want people to do and not to do, be or not be as a result of your e-booklet? Think about how this information will benefit the reader.

8. Who, aside from the reader, can benefit from this material? There may be manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors whose business activities can profit by distributing your contents. Those will be large-quantity buyers of your e-booklet.

9. Is there jargon or language that is peculiar to your topic? Consider how you will monitor and treat that in your content.

10. What surprised you most when you learned about your topic? That is probably useful to pass along to your readers in some way.

11. Which resources are needed to implement any of your suggestions? Look for the easiest ways to accomplish what you are recommending to your reader.

12. What is it that people need to know about you? Tell what gives you the credentials to write about this topic.

13. What other products and/or services would also make sense to develop to assist the reader in this topic? Decide whether it is important for those to be products and services of your own, of someone else’s, or both.

14. How would short anecdotes be useful in supporting your materials? The anecdotes could get in the way or enhance your content.

15. Do your tips need visual support with graphics to allow them to be more fully understood? Decide which type of illustrations or photographs you want to use.

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