How to Become an Expert: 3 Easy Steps

how to become an expertIf you’re a physician, attorney, architect or other professional who has to pass a test to be certified, you’re considered an expert. If you’re not in a field with a standardized test to prove you’re an expert, you’ll need to prove your expertise in other ways.

After all, when the media, prospects or clients need insight or services from an expert in your field, you want to be the first one they call. So how do you make that happen? There are several ways.

1. Write, Write, Write.

Contribute articles to trade publications and websites that focus on your expertise. The more often your articles are published with your byline and a link to your site — consider the link your “payment” for the article — the more you’ll become a household name within your industry. Websites are begging for guest posts. Contact your favorite sites to find out their submission guidelines.

2. Create e-books, webinars and e-booklets in your field.

When someone is looking for an expert and does an online search, your name should show up on the first page of results. A good way to do that is by creating products and promoting them. Although it’s easier than ever to publish e-books or print books, being an author still provides credibility. Offering webinars is another way to increase your visibility, authority and bottom line. The more you promote your products, the more credibility you’ll gain.

3. Keep your name in front of the media.

A good way to get to the top of media contact lists is by distributing news releases with helpful information. One of the sites I’ve used for submitting news releases is PR Newswire. By providing advice, tips and strategies to help viewers, listeners, and readers, you’ll prove you know what you’re talking about. Don’t send fluff news releases. If there’s a major news event and you can offer insight, contact the media. You’ll make writers’ and producers’ lives easier by being an easy-to-find expert.

How have you established yourself as an expert?


  1. Lisa, it’s just not as easy these days. I am not getting requests to write for other publications and I am glad since I write so much a week that I just don’t have time to do that. I love the PR idea, but is a new blog about the same old, same old newsworthy. Thanks for the suggestions.
    Ann recently posted..IBM’s Smarter Cities Team Brings a Town In Home CareMy Profile

    • I understand what you’re saying. There’s definitely more competition these days. The challenge is to differentiate yourself through a special event (a national holiday you create) or send out a release as a result of a national event or news story. Don’t discount the content you’ve already written. Figure out whether it could be repurposed for another site.
      Lisa recently posted..How to Become an Expert: 3 Easy StepsMy Profile

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