Getting Ready For Working Naked Day

Kate-Spade-ipad-case-home-office-hookey(2014) While you’re getting ready to celebrate the 5th annual Working Naked Day tomorrow, why not take a few minutes to read a few of the most popular Working Naked posts from the past year.

Are You Working From Home or Playing Hooky

Last week while I was at Nordstrom I saw your new iPad sleeve. It’s the one that reads, “Working From Home #playhooky.” My working from home radar is always on so I wasn’t surprised I saw it, even though it was on a high shelf.

Is Your Home Office Still Working For You?

Some days you may look forward to working in your home office, while other days you may go straight to a nearby coffee shop to work.

Are You Working From Home or Just Pretending?

Last week I figured out I’ve been pretending to work from home. I found out that my 20 years of working from home has been a sham.

Cool Home Offices to Inspire You

The right home office can inspire you to work harder, or keep you from working at all. It all depends on where you set up your home office, how you furnish it, and whether the space fits your needs.

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