Chips, Chat and Home Office Changes

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Last weekend I figured out why some of my friends invite me to their homes more often than they used to. Yes, I bring over appetizers, desserts or whatever dish they want me to bring. It’s not that. I’m not a very good cook.

They invite me over because they know I can’t stand to see a disorganized home office that could be arranged better. Here’s a perfect example:

A friend I’ve known for years invited me to her new home for dinner. I took the obligatory tour that ended with her home office.

It was a mess.

I couldn’t stand it, so I asked her if I could make a few changes, She couldn’t say yes fast enough. The entire change took less than an hour.

1. We took the chipped and stained wooden board off her lateral file cabinet and then moved the cabinet near her desk. Then we moved a bookcase to where the file cabinet was and put her TV on top of it.

2. The deathtrap of cords running from the front of her office to her desk had to go, so we moved her surge protector to the wall near her desk and unplugged the Ethernet cable (she has wireless Internet throughout her house).

3. We moved the files she uses daily out of the lateral file cabinet and moved them to the lower drawers in the rolling file cart next to her desk. Then we put extra supplies in the top drawers of the cart. The supplies she uses often are in the small drawers in her desk.

She was surprised that although we made only a few changes, they made a huge difference in the look and function of her home office. She still has some work to do including organizing the rest of her desk drawers, hanging artwork and replacing her old desk chair that is as comfortable as a concrete bench, but now she’s motivated to keep working on her office.

When I checked my e-mail this morning, I saw an invitation my friend had sent me to a housewarming party. It must have had something to do with the amazing spinach artichoke dip I brought to her last party.

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