Time to Celebrate! It’s Working Naked Day

Working Naked Day 2015

(February 6, 2015) Forget Casual Friday…It’s the sixth annual Working Naked Day! A few years ago my friend, Mindy, gave her husband the gift below: a photo of her working naked. Mindy’s thoughtful and over-the-top creative gift made me realize that all of us who work from home could use a gift or two on our special day and that I’m as good at spouse gift-giving as Fifty Shades of Grey is at being family-friendly.

Source: ©Amanda Hood

Asking for the right Working Naked gift should be easy considering the perfect gifts are right in front of your friends and family. They could buy you a new iPad case (can you have too many?), new yoga pants (you definitely can’t have too many), or a travel mug for the 10-second commute to your home office. But why make others spend money to honor you, the Work From Home Warrior or the Stay-At-Home Superstar, when the following gifts are free:

  1. Peace and quiet. For two hours today, ask your family to keep as quiet as possible. Better yet, suggest they stay out of your way. Say it with a smile…it will make them feel less inclined to hate you for asking them to leave. If your spouse works from home too, give him or her the same gift the next day.
  1. Office supplies that no one “borrows.” Would you walk into your spouse’s corporate office and take a stapler, scissors and sticky notes? Plenty of corporate employees do that, but as a rule of thumb everyone in the family should leave your supplies alone. Don’t be surprised if anyone accuses you of having office supply issues.
  1. A break from style comments. Yoga pants, sweat pants, and, well, no pants (if no one else is around to see you in your Birthday suit) are all acceptable today.
  1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Without belting out my own rendition of the infamous Aretha Franklin song that would sound more like cats in heat, I can’t stress enough how a little respect goes a long way. You may work from home but that doesn’t mean anyone should question your professionalism, your drive to succeed, and your detailed knowledge of everything that goes on in your neighborhood considering you’re always home.
  1. Appreciation. Ask your spouse and family for a pat on the back or a “Thanks for all you do” or a “Glad you make enough money that we don’t resent you for quitting your job.” It’s not what they say, but how they say it. Although today, there’s no sarcasm allowed.
  1. No questions about what you did all day. That’s right…no one can say, “I saw you post on Facebook every hour.” And no comments allowed about how your desk looks the same as it did at the beginning of the day. It’s Working Naked Day. You can do what you want.

Whether someone gives you a few of these gifts or just one, you always have the best gift ever: a free pass to avoid working in a corporate office. Happy Working Naked Day!

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  1. You’re working from home so technically you’re already Working Naked and enjoying the freedom to work on your own terms.
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