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If there’s such a thing as a blog bucket list, knowing how to add GIFs to my blog would be at the top of the list. When I asked a group of bloggers in a Facebook group about adding GIFs, blogger Sarah Bunton posted a GIF guide that I knew I needed to share.

Guest Post by Sarah Bunton

Have you ever wondered how sites like BuzzFeed create such fun GIF-filled articles? Well wonder no more! Whether you’re just looking to add a little humor to your personal blog or you’re making the leap to writing on larger platforms, this guide will take the guess work out of GIFs!

1. The favorite GIF source of sites both large and small is Giphy. Virtually all larger publications prefer you get your images from them, so it’s a good idea to get into the habit of making Giphy your go-to source.

First things first, go to and click in the search box for whatever your heart desires. For the purpose of this guide, I chose to search for GIFs of puppies. I mean who doesn’t love puppies?

GIF guide

2. Once you’ve found the GIF you like, left click it. This will open a new page. After you’re on the new page, right click the image and select “Save image as.” Make sure the file type is GIF image.

How to add GIFs

Screen shot

Save as screen:

3. If you’re on WordPress and you’re wanting to insert the gif into the post, just click “Add Media” then “Upload Files.”

How to add GIFS

4. Upload your GIF (mine’s the puppy for this example.) Select the image you want to insert into your post, type “Giphy” in the caption, and MAKE SURE it says “Full Size” or else the GIF won’t “play” in the post.

How to add GIFs

5. Once it’s inserted, you will credit Giphy by hyperlinking the url with your caption. Highlight and copy the url of the page on which you found the GIF. Highlight the caption (we wrote Giphy). Click on the insert/edit link button.

How to add Gifs

6. Paste the url from the Giphy page and select “Add link.”

Adding GIF guide

7. If you don’t want to put the image credit in the caption, you can put it at the very end of your post. Just use the same method, select the text that says Giphy, and hyperlink to the url.

How to add GIFs

So there you have it! You are now fully equipped to start adding adorable puppies to all your posts!

Sarah is a wife, mother, feminist, animal rights activist, and a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community. She holds a BA in Religious Studies from Stetson University and currently works as a cognitive skills trainer with children facing developmental challenges. In between balancing a chronic illness, work, and a feisty toddler, she loves to share her experiences, advice, and humor with others. You can find more of her writings on her blog, Bump Birth and Beyond! Follow Sarah on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest.

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