Working Naked Home Office Gift Guide

Finding a gift for someone who works from home can be challenging, but doesn’t have to be. Considering many of us would appreciate the gift of uninterrupted time, we’re not that picky. Whether you’re looking for fun gifts or functional items, we present our Fourth Annual Working Naked gift guide.


picture frame home office gift idea

Fuzzy Face Picture Frame
Drawing a moustache or beard on a family member or friend using a marker is so archaic. Place a picture in this frame and use a magnetic wand instead.

Home office gift idea Desk catapault

Desk Catapult
This desk-sized catapult provides the perfect excuse to take a break and play.

Sriracha 2 go home office gift idea

Serious Sriracha lovers will appreciate this gift. The creators of this simple, yet useful gift found a need — their personal need to put sriracha on everything — and filled it with little hand sanitizer-looking bottles you can attach to a keychain or backpack.


Oreos home office gift idea

Personalized Oreo Packages
These customizable Oreo packages bring out the inner artist in everyone. Use the digital paintbrush to color and create a package online or order the “color your own” pack with custom markers included.

Desk signs home office gift ideaDesk Signs
These desk signs make it perfectly clear who is the boss, at least in his or her home office.
Dine ink home office gift idea
Dine Ink
A fork and spoon combo is a spork. So what do you call a pen/fork/knife/spoon combo? Convenient.
Boogie Board home office gift ideaBoogie Board
Anyone whose family leaves notes on the backs of envelopes or scribbles messages on tiny scraps of paper, will appreciate this simple system.



Wishbone paperweight homem office gift idea

Health, Wealth, and Love Wishbone
You can wish someone good luck but why not give him or her a daily reminder? This pewter paperweight wishes health, wealth, and love. Maybe the recipient could also wish for all the stacks of paper on the desk to go away.


Home office gift idea little cubicle

Mini cubicles
Do you miss the office busybody, your boss or even your cubicle from your former office life? Now you can have your cube and work from home too.



Treat launcher home office gift idea

Dog Treat Launcher
Launch a treat and watch it sail into your furry friend’s mouth. Of course you could reach into a box and give your pet a treat, but how boring is that?

Star wars custom home office gift idea

Star Wars Dog Costume
Consider this a multi-purpose gift. Your dog can run around with a storm trooper on his back and you, while working in your home office, will get a little comic relief. Win/win all around.

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