All Dressed Up: Bourn to Balance

A few years ago I met Jennifer Bourn at a conference where we were both speakers. I left her session with almost two pages of notes and plenty of ideas for improving my website. Jennifer’s enthusiasm for what she does makes web design, branding, and anything to do with the Internet, interesting.  Recently I saw […]

Make Blog Posts More Interesting With GIFs

If there’s such a thing as a blog bucket list, knowing how to add GIFs to my blog would be at the top of the list. When I asked a group of bloggers in a Facebook group about adding GIFs, blogger Sarah Bunton posted a GIF guide that I knew I needed to share. Guest […]

10 Habits to Increase Your Productivity

When I worked in a corporate job, I wouldn’t say that I was a slacker, but I also wouldn’t say that I cared whether or not I wasted time at work. My clients were happy, I met deadlines, but I also ran errands, made personal calls and took advantage of the freedom I had by […]

5 Ways to Focus While Working From Home

Does this sound familiar: it’s almost noon, you’ve been sitting at your desk in your pajamas, workout clothes, or your birthday suit all morning and you still haven’t taken a shower? This happened to me a few days ago. I started to leave my house early in the morning to go for a run (in […]

5 Texting Mistakes to Avoid

E-mail is the perfect timesaving tool, but so is texting. In a past blog post I shared stupid e-mail mistakes I’ve made. Last week I asked a few friends and associates to help me create a list of stupid texting mistakes. (We like to be good examples of what not to do.) As you read […]

6 Organize Your Home Office Day Tips

(March 10, 2015) Think about the last time you considered organizing your home office. Was it during a calm day when everything was going as planned, or on a day that was more chaotic than an episode of a reality show? Today, Organize Your Home Office Day, is the perfect day to declutter your desk, […]

5 Ways To Make Traveling Easier

During the past few weeks I’ve been traveling for both business and pleasure. While I was flying home yesterday I realized not everyone flies often, some people haven’t flown in years, and after shooting Sprite through my nose while reading Johanna Stein’s* book How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane, I should probably […]

What If J. Peterman Sold Office Supplies?

The J. Peterman Company isn’t your average retailer. Whether you’re reading about a flowing silk dress or a distressed leather bomber jacket, there’s usually a backstory to each item that includes adventure, intrigue, and a hefty price point. After reading the latest J. Peterman catalog, I thought about how they would describe simple office supplies. […]

Time to Celebrate! It’s Working Naked Day

(February 6, 2015) Forget Casual Friday…It’s the sixth annual Working Naked Day! A few years ago my friend, Mindy, gave her husband the gift below: a photo of her working naked. Mindy’s thoughtful and over-the-top creative gift made me realize that all of us who work from home could use a gift or two on […]

Home Office By Day And Guest Room By Night

In her hilarious bestselling book Yes Please, Amy Poehler describes the snooping she did when she babysat her neighbors’ children. She’d open drawers, cabinets and closets looking for clues into other peoples’ lives. When I go to other peoples’ homes I don’t open drawers, but instead I open doors to find home offices, guest rooms […]