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7 Quick Home Office Fixes

Quick home office fixes working from home

You know that deer-in-the-headlights look that some people get when they’re scared? I’ve seen people get the same look when they think about making changes to their home office and when they visit an IKEA store for the first time. Changing the way your home office looks and functions can be challenging. While you can’t […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Family From Resenting Your Business

include family in home business

When you have a built-in pep squad — your family — cheering you on and reassuring you that you made the right decision to give up a guaranteed income and amazing health care benefits, starting a business can be exciting, fulfilling, and a dream come true. When your family resents your business, your new business […]

What Does Your Desk Say About You?

Home office desk

Take a close look at your desk. Would you describe it as sloppy with papers piled like a game of Jenga? Or is it streamlined with containers organized like the warehouse in an Ikea store? When I was a professional organizer I worked with clients who hadn’t seen the tops of their desks (and in […]

5 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

Home office happy dance

You know those days when everything clicks and you can’t believe how amazing you are? You replay the highlights of the day in your head like you’re the star in the epic movie about your life, you tell yourself that you can accomplish anything, and you even do the happy dance. You are awesome!

Chips, Chat and Home Office Changes

home office organize change

Last weekend I figured out why some of my friends invite me to their homes more often than they used to. Yes, I bring over appetizers, desserts or whatever dish they want me to bring. It’s not that. I’m not a very good cook. They invite me over because they know I can’t stand to […]

Take Time To Purge Your Home Office

Clear clutter home office organizing

I’d love to invest in a storage facility. You know, the ones filled with storage units that people pay $120 a month to store $25 worth of stuff. I know it’s hard to get rid of things like old client files, equipment so out-of-date they don’t make ink cartridges for it anymore, and stationery that […]

Snow…Who Cares? You Can Always Work From Home

Young man in sunglasses is standing against blue sky

Winter is already taking the country by storm like crazed shoppers at the mall the day after Christmas. But for those of us who work in front of a roaring fire, in a guest room, or in a commute-free home office, it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside. Working from home is business as usual.

2014 Working Naked Home Office Gift Guide

Urbio office working from home

The holidays are almost here and you may be thinking “What can I get for that special, hardworking someone who works from home?” and then you realize you can’t just buy gifts for yourself. After all, it is the season of giving and sharing. Here are a few ideas to help you get started on […]

Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive

Young woman holding white whatch

A friend of mine who has owned her online clothing business for seven years starts each conversation with how busy and stressed she feels every day. She has a small staff, works crazy hours, and if she could hire someone to take bathroom breaks for her, she would. Sleep isn’t one of the tasks on […]

All Dressed Up: Comfort Meets Function

Source: Ashley Hackshaw

The All Dressed Up  section is the most popular (and my favorite) part of this site. The reason I share these home office pictures isn’t to make anyone feel bad about his or her workspace. (I worked with a client who set up a home office in his bathroom, so I’ve seen it all.)

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