Books by Lisa

Organize Your Home Office For Success: Expert Strategies That Can Work for You

This information-packed guide offers solutions for creating home offices that work with your space and working style, all factors that can boost your success. Organize Your Home Office For Success helps you take control of your productivity, design a home office that works with, not against, you and organize space for creativity and efficiency.

With color photographs, quick reference tips and sound advice for everything from filing to balancing your home and office life, this is a must-have resource for consultants, telecommuters and home office professionals.


Working Naked: A Guide to the Bare Essentials of Home Office Life

As a home-based business owner are you juggling the roles of administrative assistant, bookkeeper, sales staff and marketing director? If so, congratulations…you’re working naked!

Undress your home office for success! In this step-by-step guide to getting the most from your home office, you’ll discover:

  • Proven space-saving tricks
  • Tips for putting an end to cascading piles of paper
  • Secrets for balancing you work and home life
  • Habits that make you more productive
      • And More!

Home Office Solutions: Creating a Space that Works for You

Have you been considering working at home? Did you recently make the transition from a corporate office to a home office? Do you run a house and family full-time?

Technology makes it possible to work anywhere and everywhere but the results are not always well organized, comfortable or aesthetic. Home Office Solutions shows you how to plan your office space to maximize comfort, creativity and efficiency, and will show you how wonderful working at home can be.

More than 100 photographs and floor plans will inspire you to create the best, most tasteful office space possible. There are pictures of offices in every shape and size‹offices carved out of every nook and cranny possible, under the staircase and in the attic. Also included are offices in newly constructed homes.