All Dressed Up: Bourn to Balance

A few years ago I met Jennifer Bourn at a conference where we were both speakers. I left her session with almost two pages of notes and plenty of ideas for improving my website. Jennifer’s enthusiasm for what she does makes web design, branding, and anything to do with the Internet, interesting.  Recently I saw […]

All Dressed Up: The Write Office

I met Michelle Newman at a writers’ conference and when she mentioned something about her home office, I asked if I could feature it on Working Naked. She gave me a strange look that was somewhere between What the Hell? and She doesn’t look like she runs a porn site. After I described the site […]

Cool Home Offices To Inspire You

The right home office can inspire you to work harder, or keep you from working at all. It all depends on where you set up your home office, how you furnish it, and whether the space fits your needs. Recently, ODDEE featured 10 cool home offices that prove a little creativity can go a long […]

You Can Still Be Chic, Yet Cheap

When I started working from home two decades ago, I did my best to hide the fact that I had a home office instead of a corporate office. It wasn’t cool to work from home and run a company. As far as my clients knew, I was working in a stuffy office building instead of […]

How to Separate Work and Play in your Home Office

Guest Post by Jay Harris When you work from home and have children, finding a proper work/life balance can be challenging. One option for keeping your kids out of your home office so you can actually accomplish something during the workday, is to set up their own little home base. From establishing a separate play […]

Is Your Home Office Still Working For You?

Some days you may look forward to working in your home office, while other days you may go straight to a nearby coffee shop to work. If you’re spending more time working away from your home office, than in it, it may be time to make a few home office changes. Consider whether your home […]

How to Fine-Tune Your Home Office

A good friend of mine spent more money than she cares to admit on furniture and accessories for her new home office. For the first few months she loved it and couldn’t wait to take the 10-second commute to her home office to get to work every day. Then everything changed. She realized she was […]

All Dressed Up: Boardroom and Bedroom

For years I’ve said that the worst place for a home office is in a bedroom. The main reason is that it’s too hard to get away from work when your desk is only a few feet away from your bed. Ally Loprete’s home office changed my mind. Her 10’ x 20’ office, in the […]