Do You Have a Computer Geek Nearby?

A few years ago while I was walking (actually, full-on running) to my home office carrying my out-of-warranty MacBook, I tripped and landed on top of my business lifeline like I was sliding into home base. (Graceful is not a word most people use to describe me.) I learned a few things from that humbling […]

5 Texting Mistakes to Avoid

E-mail is the perfect timesaving tool, but so is texting. In a past blog post I shared stupid e-mail mistakes I’ve made. Last week I asked a few friends and associates to help me create a list of stupid texting mistakes. (We like to be good examples of what not to do.) As you read […]

Cutting-Edge Tech Tools You Need to Work from Home

Guest post by Elizabeth Phillips You know the benefits to working from home: increased productivity, improved happiness, and lower costs. And more and more people are beginning to catch on. According to, 30 million Americans work from home at least once a week, a number that is expected to rise by over 60% over […]

Survey Says We Need to Back Up Files More Often

The two guest posts, Save Your Data and Sanity by Backing Up Often and Virtual Backups…Another Way to Protect Your Info, share different ways to back up data. The bottom line is backing up files is a key part of any business. Consider this: hardware is easy to replace, while data can be impossible to […]