Brainstorming on the Beach: How Vacationing Leads to Breakthroughs

Guest Post by Allison Rice Did you know that you’re more likely to come up with breakthrough ideas if you’re on vacation than if you’re in your home office doing business as usual? Taking off time from your business and getting outside your daily routine is not only important for work/life balance, but it’s proven […]

Ways To Stay Safe While Looking For Online Jobs

Google the words “legitimate work from home jobs” and you’ll find around 4 million listings. Some of the listings truly are legitimate, but others are clearly scams. Sara Sutton Fell’s business, FlexJobs, is one of the exceptions. FlexJobs offers legitimate work from home jobs — every company is screened carefully before any of its jobs […]

Create the Perfect Team With Your Competitors

Guest Post by Lucinda Cross A good way to increase profits, reduce risk and broaden your market is by joining forces with a competitor. Maybe not all of the time, but a project or two may be a good way for both of you to grow your businesses and to see if a long-term association […]

How to Become an Expert: 3 Easy Steps

If you’re a physician, attorney, architect or other professional who has to pass a test to be certified, you’re considered an expert. If you’re not in a field with a standardized test to prove you’re an expert, you’ll need to prove your expertise in other ways. After all, when the media, prospects or clients need […]