Boost Your Business With E-Booklets

Let’s say you’re an expert on SEO or public relations. Why not write a downloadable or electronically delivered tips e-booklet about it and make some dough along with it? Long before any of us figured out what an easy and practical way e-booklets are to make money, Paulette Ensign, the Booklet Queen, was writing, selling […]

6 Tips for Staying Safe While Searching for Virtual Jobs

One of the questions people ask me often is whether or not to trust online job listings. My usual answer is to research any company before you respond to an ad. I know there are even more points to consider, so I asked Sara Sutton Fell, founder of FlexJobs, to share her advice. Guest Post […]

Use the Pumpkin Plan to Grow Your Business

If you haven’t heard of Mike Michalowicz, creator of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, then you may be taking your business too seriously. Mike’s in-your-face style of writing, and his funny, yet there’s-a-point videos, break small business issues and challenges into manageable, bite-size pieces. In his new book, The Pumpkin Plan, Mike takes the same approach. […]

10 Actions You Can Take in 10 Minutes or Less to Move Your Business Forward

Guest post by Michelle Shaeffer Sometimes we’ve only got a few minutes here and there to work on our home-based businesses.  Don’t let this stop you from marketing and building your business network! If you’ve got just 10 minutes, you can take positive actions that will help you move forward. If I had to write […]