Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive

A friend of mine who has owned her online clothing business for seven years starts each conversation with how busy and stressed she feels every day. She has a small staff, works crazy hours, and if she could hire someone to take bathroom breaks for her, she would. Sleep isn’t one of the tasks on […]

Home Office (and more) Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

When you work from home, tips and tricks that can help you save time and money are invaluable. The Twisted Sifter blog post “50 Life Hacks to Simplify Your World” is filled with home office and home tips that are both cheap, and easy to follow. Here are a few of the top tips: For […]

Discover the Seven Principles for Time Management

The path to success takes time, patience and a plan. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” In her new (must-read) book, What’s Next? The Seven Steps to Discover Your Big Idea and Create a Wildly Successful Business, Joy Chudacoff shares the […]

How to Be Effective and Efficient While Working Naked

When you’re “Working Naked” — working without the support of the corporate workplace — you face a few challenges. A few of them include staying focused and avoiding distractions. By taking the time to set up your home office to be efficient and change what’s not working, you can create a productive home office. Start […]

How to Jog Your Memory

Some people think I’m extra organized because I always enter notes in my iPhone. The truth is that I have the world’s worst memory. I can remember faces, not names, and directions, not addresses. Over the years, I’ve taken a few steps to try to improve my memory or at least fake that I have […]

Are You Controlling Time or is Time Controlling You?

I’ve always wondered how a time management seminar could last two days, so a few weeks ago I went to one. By the end of the first day, I knew I was right…the speaker could have shared all of his information in three hours, not eight. He showed us how we were wasting time — […]

4 Ways to Develop a Home Office Routine

It took me a few years of working from home to figure out that I needed to follow some type of schedule. My schedule is flexible, but for the most part I work out early, take a shower, get dressed and make the 5-second commute to my home office. There are days though, when I […]

5 Organizing Myths Keeping You From Getting Organized

For years, I’ve worked with clients who’ve tried everything to organize their home offices, but then have finally given up. Either they didn’t know where to start or were overwhelmed by the process. They also started to believe the negative comments their family and friends were telling them about getting organized. If you’ve tried to […]