5 Ways to Make Video Conference Calls More Productive

video conferencing working from home

Last week I set up a video conference call with a client who was on the West Coast, while his assistant was on the East Coast. During the call I learned a few tips I’ll use on my next call. 1. Learn a few stealth moves. If you decide to leave the room during the […]

Did You Hear? Listening Pays Off

Listen to clients

I come from a big, loud family so the word “quiet” isn’t in our vocabulary. We don’t believe in long pauses either. So when I jumped into the business world I figured out quickly that if I wanted to succeed in sales and grow my business, I’d have to learn to be quiet. These four […]

How to Get Past Gatekeepers


When I worked in a corporate office — I’ve tried to block out that part of my life — a vendor called my office and thought I was the receptionist. He was rude, condescending and had no trouble showing his true colors. He never knew why, but I did business with his competitor instead of […]

4 Ways to Send E-Mails Without Annoying Others

emailing without annoying anyone

Does everyone read every e-mail you send? For most of us that’s the goal, but without realizing it you may be doing a few things that keep others from opening your e-mails. Unlike the list of e-mail mistakes I published in another post, here’s a list of things you can do to ensure that others […]

5 Ways to Show Your Clients You Care

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My friend’s grandma used to say, “Don’t do special for me.” She didn’t want anyone to make a fuss over her because she knew her family cared and they didn’t need to prove it to her. What about your clients? Do they know you care? Meeting your clients’ needs, completing their projects on time, and […]

How to Keep the Promises You Make

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A friend of mine keeps as many promises as she breaks. Why are we still friends? The main reason is that the promises she makes to me aren’t important. When she promises to meet me for coffee, I enter the time in my iPhone and then before I leave my house, I send her a […]