How to Keep the Promises You Make

A friend of mine keeps as many promises as she breaks. Why are we still friends? The main reason is that the promises she makes to me aren’t important. When she promises to meet me for coffee, I enter the time in my iPhone and then before I leave my house, I send her a […]

When is it Time to Break Up With a Client?

I think we’re better off as friends. It’s not you, it’s me. The timing isn’t right. We’ve all either heard or used those excuses during a breakup in our personal life. Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it comes to clients. But when a client has been with you from the start and […]

Build Client Trust by Keeping Personal Info to Yourself

Last week while I was getting a haircut, my stylist started gossiping about one of her clients. She didn’t know that her client was a friend of mine. The first chance I could get, I changed the subject. I was also careful not to share any personal information, as I knew she would share it […]

Look for New Ways to Work With Old Clients

One of my clients, a business consultant, has worked with the same clients for years. She helps a client solve a problem, the client’s business grows, and then she finds other ways to help that client again. She knows that if her clients are happy, they’ll refer her to new clients…and they do. When your […]

Contracts Can Make Everything Clearer

In my last corporate job before I started my first business, I represented cartoonists and negotiated licensing deals for them. The first mistake I made was that I didn’t have an employment contract. The second mistake was that I trusted my boss to have my best interests in mind. He didn’t. For every deal I […]