One-on-one home office video consultations


Are you ready to transform your home office?

During our one-on-one, real-time video consulting session, I’ll look at your home office via Skype and give you concrete suggestions for transforming your home office. Video consults are very effective and the next best thing to meeting with you in person.

I can help you without being in your home office

Thanks to Skype video calls, I can see your home office and address your individual organizing needs. By working together we can change your home office from a dysfunctional space to a hard-working, comfortable place you’ll want to go to every day, even if your commute is only 10 seconds long.

Where do we start?

The first step is to send me photos of your home office from all angles. Next we’ll meet through Skype video so I can see your office live. I’ll ask you to zoom in to different areas, open drawers and point out problem areas that are keeping you from being productive.

No judgments or lectures about how your home office looks. Believe me, I’ve seen the worst of the worst.

Discover how changing only a few things about your home office can increase your productivity, help you focus on your business and improve your business outlook.

After just one session you will receive:

  • A clear plan for organizing your home office including office layout and storage tips
  • Step-by-step instructions for finding what you need when you need it
  • Proven strategies for streamlining the paperwork in your home office


Client testimonials

Lori Sawyer

Lisa completely reorganized my office, VIRTUALLY!!  Just by speaking on the phone and through Skype, she transformed my office to a neat and organized space to work.  I now know where everything is, and it looks great too!!  She really has a way with space, and knows style too.  in 1 hour, she helped me reorganize every drawer, and place things in spots that are the most beneficial to me and my business.  THANK YOU, LISA!!!

—Lori Sawyer, Certified Athletic Trainer, Owner, LS-Fitness, LLC and Mommy-Moves


Melinda Miles


Lisa proved how innovative and creative she is by coming up with alternative storage ideas for my unconventional office. She showed me how to clear my clutter and still keep the materials I needed close at hand. She freed up more workspace for my projects which helps me focus and be more productive. Lisa, I love what you did!

—Melinda Miles, Interior Designer and Owner, Melinda Miles Interiors, LLC


The best organizing system is one that’s customized for you

Choose one of the options below and get the organized home office you’ve always wanted


One 60-minute one-on-one home office organizing session – $125


Four 60-minute sessions - $425

(Save $75)