How to Make Working From Home More Interesting

I love working from home. My no-commute arrangement gives me the freedom to work whenever I want. But sometimes all that freedom can be incredibly boring.  Sure, social media can adds a little spice to each day, but there have to be other ways to make working from home more interesting.

Wendy Sullivan, freelance writer and blogger, takes a more creative approach to beating boredom by celebrating Topless Wednesday and No Pants Friday. (She takes Working Naked to a whole new level!) Her not-so-G-rated approach to working from home inspired me to find out what other home office pros do to fight home office boredom.

– Music. I max out my free 40 hours of Pandora within the first week of the month.
– Twitter. Lame, but it does make you feel somewhat like you’re talking to people.
– Hula hooping. I have a client who teaches hula hoop classes. It’s so much fun, so from time to time I hula hoop in the middle of the day.

—Sarah Early, dodeline design

-Burn nice scented candles and listen to a variety of music via
-Putt into a coffee cup when I need to clear my mind.
-Talk to or play with my dog, who is usually sleeping in front of my desk.
-Instant message my husband or a friend just to see how their day is going. It’s kind of my virtual water cooler, if you will. Usually after that break, I can refocus on tasks at hand.

—Bianca B. King, Seven5 Seven3 Marketing Group

-Exercise. I walk five miles every morning, most days of the week. It revs up my brain and sates my “need to roam” fix for the day.
-Have lunch with a group of other home based entrepreneurs. We tend to get together every fourteen days or so and we visit and share stories about how we’re doing in work and life.

—Andra L. Watkins CPA CMC, POSITUS consulting LLC

-Change the time of day I work out. I like to break up my days by sometimes going to a workout class or running just before lunch.
-Change venue. I live next to a Barnes and Noble, so I can take my laptop to the coffee shop for a change of scenery.
-If I have a lot of writing to do but not many calls scheduled, I sometimes head to the library. It’s quiet and I can focus.

    Sandra L. Bienkowski

    What do you do to make working from home more interesting?


    1. I like most of the ideas. But afraid it might not work well for me, especially hula hooping, topless and bottomless days 🙂 But the rest of the ideas sound really interesting.
      Coffee and exercising is what works well for me during very stressful days (and it’s almost 6 days a week). Thanks for good articles. I will be placing your blog on my blog roll if you don’t mind.

      • Thanks for your comments. I’ve stayed away from the bottomless days too. My dog would have a stroke! Feel free to add to your blogroll. I appreciate it!

    2. Thanks. I’ll check it out.


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