Virtual Backups…Another Way to Protect Your Info

SugarSync is one way to store you data virtually

You’d think that after I drowned my computer a few weeks ago, I would have moved on. For the most part, I have, but I still can’t help reminding everyone I know about how important it is to backup information often. In another guest blog post, Chelanie Israel shared tips for backing up data. Another way to back up data is through virtual drives.

Guest post by Chelanie Israel

I’m asked often about virtual drives. Do they work and are they worth it?

A few questions

The questions you have to answer before you can determine whether a virtual drive solution will work for you are:

1. What are you backing up on the virtual drive?
2. How much space do you need?
3. Are you going to backup manually or use software?
4. How much do you want to spend?

The cost of online space

Online space can get very pricey. If you are backing up just the basics: your address book, calendars, accounting data, passwords and settings, online storage is very cost affordable. If you are using less than 5 gigs, you can sign up for quite a few services for free.

If you need more than 125 gigs of space over a year, virtual storage is probably not something you want to consider, unless you need the comfort or ease of not having to move a drive someplace else. You also need to verify that the service you are using fits your requirements.

The difference between backup and online storage

Virtual storage is a good solution, but only if you use it effectively. When looking for an online solution, you need to know the difference between backup and online storage. Carbonite, Mozy and iDrive are backup sites, not virtual storage.

DropBox, Box, MobileMe, Huddle and SugarSync are virtual storage. The difference is virtual storage allows you to access your files from multiple devices ( i.e. computer, iPad, internet access). Most online backup drives do not. Instead, they work with a single computer.

Whichever way you decide to backup your data, it’s important to take steps to protect your information.

Chelanie Israel, aka Miss Mac, has worked with Apple Computer since 1986. She worked for Apple for 16 years, Adobe for 9 years and has worked with Intel, View Sonic, and Sling Media as well as many other leading technology companies as a vendor representative over the last 20 + years.

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