More Tips For Working From Home With Kids Around

working from home with kidsIn my last post I shared several ways to work from home while the kids are out of school. In this post, small business owners share their tips for keeping kids busy so you can continue to stay productive while working from home.

“This summer my youngest will go to summer school from 8-12.  The older two don’t wake up before noon, and if they do, they certainly are half asleep. During that time, I am able to get some work done without interruptions.”
—Melissa Perlman Chelist, StorkGifts

“I plan to set up hours for fun camp, as well as hours for quiet rest, reading, and movie time. I know that if the kids have a chunk of activity time, they will be more likely to want ‘down’ time when I can work.”
—Jessica Fisher, aka FishMama  Life as MOM

“My kids are a little older this summer, 14 and 12, so they will go to a few camps. I have encouraged my 14-year-old to find summer work at the local skating rink since he is a hockey player. Since they are older and will sleep in, that should give me a good 4-5 hours a day of work I can get done before I really have to do things for them.”
—Christina Daves, CastMedic Designs

“I keep the kids entertained by taking them to the pool. My health club has Wi-Fi, so I load up my documents via Dropbox, head outside to a shady spot, and write while they swim and play the day away. Rainy days are all about friends — it’s actually easier if the friends are dropped off here. They amuse themselves, I leave my office door open, and the sound of a happy home helps the words flow.”
—Susan Helene Gottfried, West of Mars

“To keep our kids, ages 9 and 11, busy during the summer months, we put up an above-ground pool, store fun games within arm’s reach, stock the fridge with healthful foods our kids can easily feed themselves, and open our home to all of their friends.”

My office is situated so I can see and hear all that goes on inside, as well as in our back yard. With these preparations in place, our home is the place to be! We’re also fortunate to live in a community that offers free supervision at neighborhood playgrounds, as well as a wide variety of classes for our kids to choose from, including acting, engineering, swimming, tennis, and language arts to name a few.”
—Melanie Lundheim, Good Copy Fast

“The biggest tip is to set boundaries so your home/work aren’t overlapping, which can be very stressful for everyone. Here are some options to keep kids of all ages busy this summer:  Attend Summer Camp…sleepaway camps are a great option if your kids are old enough, and comfortable being away from home overnight.  If they aren’t consider day camps. 

Work (paid or volunteer) at camp: If you’ve got tweens or teens, they can apply to work at camps to assist with younger kids and possibly earn community service hours at the same time.  If they volunteer as a tween, they’re more likely to secure a paid position as a teen! 

Mom Camp: Get a group of moms, assign days, and take turns playing “counselor” —  take kids on fun outings, or plan backyard fun/home playdates to spread out the responsibility and minimize time taken out of your work day.” 
—Amy Kossoff Smith    Founder, The MomTini Lounge

How are you going to keep your kids busy this summer while you work from home?


  1. Hi Lisa!
    I think I will try to make them read more, as you suggested in your last post. Also, making them a small office sounds very tempting.
    Gustavo recently posted..Hippocampus’ function.My Profile

  2. Heidi19 says:

    Thanks for more tips! For me it’s better to work at home and see our kids around rather that to work outside and be bothered what’s happening to them at home.
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  3. My kids have always helped me with the business, but this summer I have given them each even more responsibilities. This also helps occupy party of their day while getting some of the routine duties finished.

  4. In addition to what has already been mentioned, we visit the library frequently and ensure the kids have several books to read at all times. My 12-year old is enrolled in an 8-week writing class and also has summer assignments from school to work on. My daughter is crafty, so she typically has several projects to work on at any given time. Both my kids have downloaded software to learn how to do simple programming ( and 3D design (Google SketchUp). Even though this means they are on a computer sometimes during the day, I don’t mind if they are learning to do something useful, rather than playing video games or watching tv.
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    • The library is a great idea. You’re right that it’s the perfect resource. When my sons were little, we used to check out videos along with books. They loved to watch construction videos and how-to shows.

      Google SketchUp is an awesome program and definitely worth the time to learn how to use. Thanks for your suggestions.
      Lisa recently posted..Did You Hear? Listening Pays OffMy Profile

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