Turn Up the Heat…It’s Working Naked Day

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(February 1, 2013) It may be cold outside, but working from home is hot, hot, hot! Today, the 4th annual Working Naked Day, is the perfect time to focus on all of the benefits of working from home. After all, there’s no commute, no co-workers to waste your time, and no boss around to bother you. Whether or not you’ve already started the celebration, or you need a few ideas for making the most of this day including improving your home office, start with these six tips.

1. Spark some new ideas. While your corporate counterparts are stuck in traffic, grab a blanket and a hot cup of coffee, and brainstorm about ways to grow your business and breathe new life into it.

2. Rekindle an old friendship, either business or personal, via Skype. Think about someone you haven’t spoken to in years, and give him or her a call. Don’t forget to position your camera to avoid any awkward moments!

3. Light up your inner organizer. If you’ve tried to organize your home office but it’s still a mess, start with one corner and work your way around the space. Keep in mind that it took time for your home office to get to the point it is now, and it will take time to create the home office you want. 4. Extinguish bad habits. Start by limiting the time you spend on the Internet. You can set a timer on your computer or use a kitchen timer to remind you to get back to work. Also, stay focused by using some type of to-do list, whether in your Smartphone, on your computer, or in a simple spiral notebook. When you get sidetracked, refer to your list.

5. Turn up the heat on your friends. Today is the ideal day for you and a friend to get out of your comfort zones. Whether you try a new sport, take a Zumba class at the gym, or start a small business together (the one you’ve talked about for years), take a few risks.

6. Fire up your inner designer. Start by adding one thing to your home office that makes you smile. Whether you add a piece of artwork your child made, hang a picture from your last vacation, or mount an inspiration board near your desk, that extra something can change the look of your home office and your mood. Don’t forget to snap a picture of yourself today for our Working Naked Facebook page. Please crop the photo to make it grandma-friendly.

Happy Working Naked Day!


  1. Ohhh… My (non-work) Internet time! Guilty as charged!

    Happy Working Naked Day! Almost two years as a work-at-homie… No regrets at all… 🙂
    Cham recently posted..Liebster Blog Award!My Profile

  2. what if you work as a “stripper”? Do they have a “WORK DRESSED DAY”?

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