All Dressed Up: Boardroom and Bedroom

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For years I’ve said that the worst place for a home office is in a bedroom. The main reason is that it’s too hard to get away from work when your desk is only a few feet away from your bed. Ally Loprete’s home office changed my mind.

Her 10’ x 20’ office, in the back part of her bedroom, is separated from her bed by a large headboard/shelving unit. Not having a clear view of a home office can make it easier to keep business and personal life separate.

As a business coach for work-at-home parents, Ally is a master at inspiring her clients to stay focused on their goals. She follows her own advice by hanging motivational quotes above her desk. Her office also includes vision boards and a bulletin board filled with family photos.


While Ally’s bedroom serves double-duty as a home office, her home office serves double-duty as an art studio for her son. Rather than plaster his masterpieces all over the wall, she uses clothespins to attach them to a long string that hangs along one side of the space.

artwork on string

Between coaching others, hosting a radio show, and being a mom, Ally juggles many roles. It’s a good thing her home office does the same.


  1. It’s a challenge sometimes but I’m definitely a bedroom/boardroom girl! I wish I had more of a separation like Ally does, though.
    Lauren Huston recently posted..When Facebook Messages FailMy Profile

  2. I love how colorful and vibrant her space is!

    I struggle when I have my office space in my bedroom, because I just want to lay on the bed and “work” instead of sitting at my desk, and that usually turns into a nap. So more separation is a good thing for me. 🙂

  3. It certainly adds a lot of colour to the place.
    David Leonhardt recently posted..Before you sign a Ghostwriter contractMy Profile

  4. Great post, Lisa! I know that I have had trouble when I have tried to do business work in my bedroom (although there are times when it actually seems to work when I study), so I guess it really is just a matter of knowing what works for you.
    Steve Nicholas recently posted..Do You Have the Right ToolsMy Profile

  5. It is a matter of choice or what works for you, I have already a problem working from home, not to talk about having my office in my bed room No way.. I like to move around, I’m even thinking of getting a small office outside my home, a reason to leave home.. However, Very colourful decorated.. Thanks for sharing..
    Lucy Bieri recently posted..Positive Self Esteem Play a Role If You Want To Engage In Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

    • I like the colors too. Working from home isn’t for everyone and it’s all about working where you can be productive. I know a few people who rent outside space or a co-working space to get away from their home office a few days a week. A change of scenery can be helpful.
      Lisa recently posted..All Dressed Up: Boardroom and BedroomMy Profile

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