How to Create A Great Website On Your Own

A WP Made EasyThree years ago, I never imagined I would be able to maintain my own website. Sure, I could upload new blog posts, but I left the rest of my site maintenance to a Webmaster.

Then Ori Bengal and I crossed paths. He was coaching a friend of mine at the same time I was looking for a business coach. After Ori and I met (virtually), my business and site changed forever. He helped me focus on the main parts of my business and redesigned my site to make it more user friendly.

It’s easier to learn when a program is interesting.

Ori is more than a web designer, as you can tell from his CouchSuringOri site. He’s the type of person who sets goals and achieves them, while at the same time helps others achieve their dreams. So when Ori told me about his new WordPress program called Make WP Easy (affiliate link), I knew that the program would be simple, filled with helpful information, and, best of all, entertaining.

So simple, even a 9-year-old can do it.

The key to Make WP Easy is how simple it is. This program is divided into modules that offer step-by-step directions. Ori not only shows you how to set up and configure a WordPress site, he shows you exactly how to find the right theme for you and helps you determine what makes a good theme. One of Ori’s favorite clients is a 9-year-old girl who created her own site using Make WP Easy.

You don’t have to be a programmer to understand WordPress.

Ori draws on his skills as a business consultant and coach to teach you how to mind map and design what you want your site to do. “Make WP Easy is about simplicity… taking the complex, and breaking it down so that anyone can do it,” says Ori.  One of the best parts of this program is that you don’t have to know HTML or CSS to create your own site. “The program came about because there were tons of courses on WordPress,” says Ori, “but they all expected you to understand programming and other things that overwhelm people.”

Take control over your website.

Rather than depend on someone else to create and maintain your site, do the work yourself with Make WP Easy.

To learn more about Make WP Easy or to order the program today, click here.



  1. Creating a good web design is never an easy. It requires a lot skill, talent and creativity.

    • Creating a basic site that a small business owner (especially one who is just starting out) needs to have to promote his or her business, isn’t impossible and doesn’t require major skill. The many WordPress themes available, make that process easier. Creativity is definitely an important skill and one that every web designer needs to have. Technical skills alone won’t cut it. The bottom line is that small business owners don’t have to pay a fortune to create a site that will fit their needs now.

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