10 Things You Need to Know About Working Naked

Working Naked Day home office

(February 2, 2014) Today is the 5th annual Working Naked Day, the perfect day for those of us who work from home to celebrate the freedom we have to work anywhere, to make our own rules, and to wear (or not wear) whatever we want. Even if you’re not working today, take a few minutes to enjoy the fact that you don’t have a commute, there’s no boss looming over your shoulder, and you can set your own hours.

We realize that not everyone understands what we do when we work from home. Who hasn’t had to deal with friends, family, and even clients who work in corporate offices and think we sit on the sofa and watch TV all day?

So, as you celebrate Working Naked Day, share this post with those who just don’t get it. It’s time to expose what really goes on while we’re Working Naked.

1. We take showers.

Really. Maybe it’s not the first thing we do in the morning, and maybe we don’t take showers every day, but every other day still counts.

2. We can and do compete with large corporations.

Many times our pricing is better because our overhead is lower, among other advantages. Also, we get to pick our clients instead of being forced to work with clients from Hell.

3. We use the same technology as our corporate counterparts.

We may not have a full IT staff, but if something doesn’t work, tech support is a phone call or an email away. Some of us also have children of all ages who can fix any computer, anytime.

4. We don’t watch TV or play YouTube videos all day.

Some people may keep the TV on in the background, but it’s noise, similar to the chatty co-workers our counterparts have to put up with every day. The difference is that we can push the mute button. They can’t.

5. We wear clothes, not robes and slippers each day.

Actually, some people take the Working Naked theme all the way and skip the robe and keep the slippers. It’s important to stay warm. Our home office dress code may not include a business suit, but if someone comes to the door, most of us can answer it without blushing.

6. We do leave the house.

Sometimes we like to shake it up a bit and work somewhere other than in our home office. Why do you think Starbucks was created?

7. We’re busy most of the time.

We’re not available 24/7 to run errands for others, to wait for the washer repair tech, or to give free business advice to friends and family who don’t value our time or our skills. Clients pay us for our services. If we spend all of our time providing our services to friends and family for free, don’t be surprised when we’re a bit cranky at the next party or family function.

8. We work as many (or probably more) hours as our corporate counterparts.

Our office may not be in a high rise and is only seconds away (which is both good and bad), but we’re still working. While phones automatically go to voice mail in a corporate office, we feel the need to answer our phone and meet each client’s needs.

9. We’re not anti-social.

Here’s the problem: friends and family don’t realize that dropping by, especially during an important client conference call, is no different from ignoring the receptionist who is trying to stop visitors from barging into a corporate office. Instead of relying on a receptionist, we have Caller ID and a door we don’t answer while we pretend we’re not home.

10. Our home office is just as important as a corporate office across town.

We may not work in a plush office and half of our office may be an exercise room or guest room, but it’s still an office. No one in a corporate office has to deal with family members mistaking their office as a 24-hour office supply store that’s always open for the family to “borrow” supplies; or the “business center” with a computer to download games, viruses, and videos; or the warehouse to store furniture and anything else that doesn’t fit in the family room anymore.

While others may not take us seriously, we know better. We don’t have to deal with corporate crap, every day is Casual Friday, and while our corporate counterparts are suffering through a morning commute, we’re probably on our second cup of coffee and already on the way to a productive day.

Happy Working Naked Day!

UPDATE: Beginning Friday, February 6, 2015 Working Naked Day will be held the first Friday in February.

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