The Straight Poop About Working From Home

Straight poop working from home

I have a confession to make.

Actually, it’s a little embarrassing.

For years I’ve droned carried on about the benefits of working from home including no annoying boss, no complaining co-workers and no stress-filled commute. But I’ve missed the biggest benefit of all: the ability to poop in peace.

The Fast Company post How The Most Successful People Poop At Work opened my eyes and made me realize that while I’m leisurely taking care of business (and I don’t mean at my desk), my corporate counterparts are timing their #2’s so they can be alone on the throne if only for a few minutes.

The author of the article described how she had to quit one of her jobs because of her “professional and digestive problems.” How do you tell your boss that you’re basing your career on your bowels? Maybe you go with a simple “I need a less challenging position” or “I can’t make the necessary contributions at work” or tell the truth: “I need to go before the shit hits the fan.”

I’m disappointed in myself that I missed the number one benefit — the poop de résistance — that makes working from home sweet home so sweet. This new awareness of yet another corporate hurdle has made me take a huge step back, caused me to rethink what’s truly important, and inspired me to hug my toilet like a bride-to-be after an all-night bachelorette party.

I’m no longer taking for granted my privilege of pooping in private while my corporate colleagues are postponing potty breaks, scheduling their poops, and changing weekly meetings to fit their bathroom habits.

Maybe all of this dookie drama inspired one of my favorite commercials that takes potty humor to a whole new level.

You never know what goes on behind closed doors.

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