10 Things Anyone Who Works From Home Knows All Too Well

10 things anyone who works from home knows all too wellThose of us who work from home are as misunderstood as the optimistic owner of a clothing store in a nudist colony. Sometimes we work crazy hours — it helps that our home office is only seconds away — or we take a day off and then work double-time for the next few days. We know that not everyone gets us, and that’s okay.

We also know that each work-from-home situation is different, but we can all agree on one or more of these ten things.

  1. Your neighbors are convinced you’re unemployed and lazy as they leave for work each morning and you wave and smile at them from inside your cozy, commute-free home office. Seeing you walking or running during the day confirms their suspicions.
  1. No matter what time of day you’re running errands, salespeople ask if it’s your day off. It doesn’t matter whether or not you say no. They will still assume that you’re unemployed, but are too embarrassed to admit it.
  1. You’ve been placed at the top of the volunteer list at your child’s school. You’re home during the day, so obviously you have plenty of free time to help with the next fund-raiser.
  1. Your mail carrier, the UPS driver, and you, are all on a first name, pass-the-cream-and-sugar basis.
  1. You’re still surprised at how much you save each year on dry cleaning, gas, and group gifts you were obligated to help buy for co-workers you barely knew.
  1. On the days you don’t have appointments or anywhere to go, getting dressed for success is too much of an effort so you work in pajamas, workout clothes or any outfit that doesn’t require a tie or heels.
  1. Office supplies are more expensive than you thought, so you use them more sparingly than when you worked in a corporate office and the company paid for everything.
  1. You never thought you’d be that person who stands on your porch and yells, “Get off my lawn and keep it down!” because you have a client call in a few minutes.
  1. You only schedule outside appointments between 9am-3pm because no way in hell are you going to be stuck in traffic.
  1. No matter how productive you are throughout the day, the minute your spouse or someone else in your family peeks into your home office, you’re watching a video, playing an online game, or taking a quick nap.


  1. 6 & 9. And even though I have worked from home for years, My 90 year old dad asked me last year if I got paid for what I did! I guess he thought I was just doing volunteer work! 😄

  2. Can I just tell you how much I love this? I became a full-time writer two years ago, and at first everyone just thought I was being lazy. I think I’ve proven my worth by showing them my paychecks, but it never fails—the ONE day they pop into my office, I’m usually on Facebook or taking a short cat nap.

    • Thanks, Marcia! That still happens to me. For the longest time, my kids thought I never left the sofa (my favorite place to write). When they left in the morning I was on the sofa and sometimes when they came home I was in the same spot. They didn’t realize I did other things during the day, including leaving the house. I’ve had to find a different place to write. 🙂

  3. haha! I love this! I’ve given up on trying to convince people that I make a living from working from home as a freelance writer. Well meaning friends and family keeps telling me about job openings.

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