It’s Working Naked Day…But What Should You Wear?

(February 5, 2016) It’s the Seventh Annual Working Naked Day, the perfect time to strip down and get to work. Or to throw caution to the wind and toss your pants over a chair. Or to step into yoga pants, sweats, jeans, pajamas, or your favorite business casual look, and celebrate like nobody’s business.

It doesn’t matter.

Working Naked Day is about celebrating the freedom you have to work from home and enjoying a sweet arrangement that allows you to spend time with your family, set your own hours, and say goodbye to your boss and annoying co-workers.

What you wear (or don’t wear) and whether you dress (or undress) for success today and every day is up to you. There are six things, however, that should always be part of your work-from-home wardrobe.

  1. Confidence.

You’ve got this! You don’t need to be surrounded by co-workers to motivate you to work or to give you a pat on the back. That’s what friends, family and strangers at Starbucks are for. You’ve made the decision to work on your own and you have every right to trust your instincts.

  1. Pride

You don’t have to flaunt your convenient, inspiring, commute-free, work-from-home status, but it doesn’t mean that sometimes you shouldn’t. Congratulate yourself for applying the skills you gleaned in a corporate job to your own business. That’s something to be proud of.

  1. Attitude

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. The louder the better. Even if you don’t know the answer to everything and at times have no idea what you’re doing, that’s okay. With resources only a click away and the right attitude, it’s easy to make it seem as if you do know what you’re doing.

  1. Ambition

You know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. As you continue on your home office journey, set goals to keep you on track. Goals are like finding the perfect mate: some are attainable and others fall under the category of “hell no,” but power ahead and reach for the moon, the stars, and maybe a drink or two.

  1. Armor

Others (including your family) may openly question whether or not you can succeed on your own, and by openly, I mean ask you directly what the hell you think you’re doing working from home. Those are the days to strap on your armor and deflect any negative comments. Screening your calls works well too.

  1. A sense of humor

Some people don’t understand what working from home means. They may think you’re pretending to work, wasting your time, or biding your time until you go back to a “real” office. Instead of being offended by any snide comments, shake it off and see who’s laughing when you earn more money working from home than you did working for someone else.

Whether you’re wearing a business suit or your birthday suit, the point of today is that you’ve made the choice to work from home on your own terms.

And that’s worth celebrating.

In case you’re wondering, Working Naked Day works better in a home office setting. Here’s why.


  1. You are using working naked as an allegory for the freedom that working from home affords you. It certainly does. But for naturists, being naked is much more literal. Being free of clothing has the catalytic effect of liberating people of body shame. It is also a catharsis that frees us of pretense and false modesty as we present our authentic self. So for us, everyday is working naked day!

  2. Happy Working Naked Day: Take It All Off and Strut Your Stuff at the Office

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