Relax! It’s Working Naked Day

(February 3, 2017) Eight years ago I started Working Naked Day to remind everyone who works from home to celebrate the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and to wear whatever you want. The response to this not-so-traditional holiday has been overwhelming, ranging from major news outlets publicizing the holiday (including a weather guy doing a broadcast in only a tie), to random followers sharing much-too-graphic photos of themselves celebrating this special day and asking if I would share those images on the official Working Naked Day page.
Excuse me?

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Maybe you’re not literally Working Naked today, but instead sitting at your desk, drinking your second cup of coffee and feeling sorry for your friends and former co-workers who are still on their daily commute to work.

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Or maybe you’re literally Working Naked with the thermostat set to 75 degrees and wondering why I didn’t schedule this holiday in July.

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No matter how you interpret Working Naked Day, take time today to celebrate your ability to work from home on your own terms. And, if you’re going the literal route today, consider keeping a robe nearby. Not everyone, including UPS drivers and nosy neighbors, are as savvy about notable holidays as you.

Enjoy your day and a few of my favorite Working Naked Day posts:

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Ready to join the celebration in the most literal way possible just for the freedom of it and because i love to work in the most liberating way possible everytime i can. No way i’m missing the perfect day for it. Just wanted to know, how are you celebrating today?
    Keep up with the good work and thanks for this amazing day, you are the best!


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