How to Decide Whether or Not You Should Work From Home

I wouldn’t trade working from home for anything. There’s no dress code, it’s easier to stay focused, and if I want to work late at night I have a three-second commute. But working from home isn’t for everyone. If you’re thinking about working from home or questioning your decision to work from home, consider these […]

12 Rules For Working From Home

When you work from home, there aren’t any official rules. That, however, didn’t stop me from creating my own. 1. Bathe daily and try to change your shirt and underwear at least every other day. 2. Clean up your office once a week (even if you just remove coffee mugs and food wrappers). 3. Limit […]

How to Work from Home While Homeschooling—Without Going Insane

Guest Post by Michelle Shaeffer Homeschooling a child is a challenge.  Working at home is a challenge. Combine the two and you’re facing a really BIG challenge. But it can be done, and it can be done well, if you’re determined to make it work. I’ve been homeschooling my three children while working from home […]

Could You and Your Spouse Share a Home Office?

Some couples get along well in all aspects of their lives together except for one: sharing a home office. One spouse may like keeping papers in files, while the other likes piling papers on the floor. Still one spouse may be fine with one or two work surfaces, while the other needs as many surfaces […]

Take Back Your Time By Saying No More Often Than Yes

When my sons were younger, I was at the top of the volunteer list (translation: sucker). Whenever someone called me to help with an event, class project or anything else to do with school, I said yes. I did the same thing with two professional associations I was in. One day I had a revelation. […]