Take Time To Purge Your Home Office

I’d love to invest in a storage facility. You know, the ones filled with storage units that people pay $120 a month to store $25 worth of stuff. I know it’s hard to get rid of things like old client files, equipment so out-of-date they don’t make ink cartridges for it anymore, and stationery that […]

Need More Home Office Space? Look Up

When you work from home, it’s not the size of the space that matters…it’s how you use that space. The last three home offices I designed were small, but functional. Instead of focusing on the lack of floor space, we made the most of the vertical space. Whether you’re setting up a home office for […]

Challenge Yourself To Do It Now

The other day when I needed to work on a project but couldn’t get motivated, I remembered a speech I heard about the “Assoonas.” You know…as soon as I buy a different house, I’ll have the perfect home office. As soon as I buy a new computer, I’ll have more clients. You get the idea. […]

How to Increase Home Office Storage

When you start a business from home, you may have think that you have plenty of storage space in your home office. As you grow your business, don’t be surprised if your storage space shrinks quickly. After all, no matter how much storage space you have, you probably want more. When I first moved into […]