5 Ways to Avoid Typozzzzzz

In a blog post I wrote a few months ago, I spelled the word “vial” as “vile.” A friend sent me a funny message on Facebook that pointed out my mistake. I thanked him and quickly changed the typo.  His eagle eyes saved me from embarrassment by my friends and colleagues who rarely have typos […]

What to Consider Before You Upgrade

I’m always looking for a good deal on office equipment. Who isn’t? Sometimes I find something for a low price and use the product for years with no problems. But other times a product that I bought at a ridiculously low price breaks constantly and reminds me daily of what a bad deal it was. […]

6 Ways to Make Your E-Mails More Effective

One of my clients had to do damage control when her marketing department kept dropping the ball on large projects. She figured out that the marketing manager’s staff had stopped reading his e-mails.  He was a frustrated writer who couldn’t resist sending long e-mails to his staff, instead of sending clear, easy-to-read messages. E-mail is […]

How to Take Control Over Your Computer

Technology is supposed to help you save time and make it easier to keep your business on track.  For most of us, it does, but the reality is that anything with a screen or a power cord is only as effective as the person using it. Of all of the equipment in my home office, […]