15 (more) Actions You Can Take in 10 Minutes or Less to Move Your Business Forward

In a previous guest post, Michelle Shaeffer shared 10 proven strategies to help you improve your business. The response from readers was overwhelming. In this guest post, Michelle shares 15 more tips. Guest post by Michelle Shaeffer 1. Write a testimonial. Think of a product or service you’ve recently received that was fantastic. Now write […]

Secrets to Increasing Your Search Engine Rankings

Driving visitors to your website takes more than just having good content. People need to know that your website exists. Through Working Naked Day, the holiday I sponsor, thousands of people learned about Working Naked… the blog and the lifestyle. But now that the holiday is over, I spend time each day working on my […]

Copyright Does Not Mean Copy RIght

I’ve been using Google Alerts for a few years to keep up on the latest small business and home office news, to make sure I don’t miss any articles written about my business, and to track what’s going on in my clients’ industries. What I didn’t realize is what a good detective Google Alerts can […]

Could Your Web Site Use a Facelift?

My site has gone through a few transformations or what I like to call facelifts. The design is cleaner, it’s easier to read and is better organized than before. The truth is that if a Web designer/friend with a keen eye hadn’t picked apart the old design and made me realize that while the site […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Small Business Web Site

One of my clients just fired her Webmaster. It was sort of my fault. She kept complaining to me about how long she had to wait for him to make updates, program the right keywords and put together an opt-in form, so I took a close look at her site. After I read a few […]