5 Ways to Make Video Conference Calls More Productive

Last week I set up a video conference call with a client who was on the West Coast, while his assistant was on the East Coast. During the call I learned a few tips I’ll use on my next call. 1. Learn a few stealth moves. If you decide to leave the room during the […]

Did You Hear? Listening Pays Off

I come from a big, loud family so the word “quiet” isn’t in our vocabulary. We don’t believe in long pauses either. So when I jumped into the business world I figured out quickly that if I wanted to succeed in sales and grow my business, I’d have to learn to be quiet. These four […]

How to Get Past Gatekeepers

When I worked in a corporate office — I’ve tried to block out that part of my life — a vendor called my office and thought I was the receptionist. He was rude, condescending and had no trouble showing his true colors. He never knew why, but I did business with his competitor instead of […]

4 Ways to Send E-Mails Without Annoying Others

Does everyone read every e-mail you send? For most of us that’s the goal, but without realizing it you may be doing a few things that keep others from opening your e-mails. Unlike the list of e-mail mistakes I published in another post, here’s a list of things you can do to ensure that others […]